Halloween 2017

I really love this time of year, when fall melts into the holidays. And now that we have our baby girl, I know my love for this season is going to really grow! It’s so crazy to think that I was due on Halloween, with no clue of whether or not I’d actually have her… [Read More]

Happy October!

Happy October! I can’t believe we’ve made it to the month our baby girl is due – things are getting real now! There’s still a few things to do between now and when she comes, but thankfully most of the important stuff is ready. Here’s a little list of of things I need to do… [Read More]

Fall Musings

Oh Fall. How I love you, with your crisp weather, football games, and pumpkin flavored everything. Last year I didn’t want to miss a thing, and followed a fall to-do list. I didn’t do it again this year, but that hasn’t kept me from making the most of the season. I visited a local pumpkin patch and… [Read More]

Pumpkin Patch

Hey everyone! Hope your week has started out wonderfully. October has flown by, and I can’t believe we will be setting the clocks back an hour this weekend. Wasn’t it just the 4th of  July?? Although the weather has been a little chillier than I prefer, I adore fall and have been cramming in as many fall-time… [Read More]

Fall Porch Decor

I live on a street where everybody has their fall decorations put up by September 1st.  I like to think it’s because they all have kids, because I’m much slower at putting my decorations up (and I don’t have kids.)  But, maybe it’s just me being slow.  Regardless, I’m happy with how our porch has turned out… [Read More]

Our First Halloween Party

I love relaxing Sundays.  That’s what today has been.  This morning, I got to sip my coffee while my Westie pup snuggled next to me and twinkle lights softly glistened on my headboard.  (I keep twinkle lights up on my headboard year round because I love them too much to take them down ever.)  Last… [Read More]

DIY Baker Costume

Yesterday my hubby and I threw a very successful Halloween party with some close friends.  (Read all about it here!)  One of the best parts about Halloween parties?  Dressing up of course.  (Treats are right up there as well.)  A little fact about me:  I don’t like to buy costumes.  Mainly because they are so… [Read More]

A Day at the Pumpkin Patch

Last Sunday I went with some family to a local pumpkin patch for the ever-traditional “finding the perfect pumpkin.”  Locally, we have quite a few options for picking out pumpkins, but the place we ended up going is a pig farm that offers “pick your own pumpkins” from their pumpkin patch every fall.  There is… [Read More]


If you have never been to Leavenworth in Washington State, I highly recommend it.  It is one of the quaintest places you will ever stumble upon.  What’s so special about this place, you ask?  Located in central Washington at the base of the Cascade Mountains, this little town is the Pacific Northwest’s own little Bavarian… [Read More]

DIY Fall Bucket List

I have something wonderful to share! Now that fall is upon us, we get to decide exactly what we want to do during the season of sweater weather and pumpkin everything. What better way to plan it all out than to make a fall to-do list? I found this free printable that you can edit… [Read More]