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If you have never been to Leavenworth in Washington State, I highly recommend it.  It is one of the quaintest places you will ever stumble upon.  What’s so special about this place, you ask?  Located in central Washington at the base of the Cascade Mountains, this little town is the Pacific Northwest’s own little Bavarian Village.  The style of the buildings are all themed Bavarian-style, and German tradition sets the tone of the town.

During the first three weekends in October the town annually hosts Oktoberfest, which draws massive crowds.  This year, we went on a Saturday for lunch with friends.  We took our big camera- so I’m excited to share some of my favorite snapshots from the day!

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I have never taken a carriage ride downtown, but maybe someday :-)


I couldn’t resist snapping a photo of this little cutie.  So many people walk their dogs downtown Leavenworth, which really makes me miss my pups whenever I’m there.


It started out overcast, but turned into a really lovely Saturday.


Happy hour drinks!  {Love the decor of this place}

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The trees haven’t changed as much around here as I thought they would, so I had to get a photo with this fall lovely.

I’m really enjoying October so far– hope you are as well!

xo, Kayla

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