Fall Porch Decor

I live on a street where everybody has their fall decorations put up by September 1st.  I like to think it’s because they all have kids, because I’m much slower at putting my decorations up (and I don’t have kids.)  But, maybe it’s just me being slow.  Regardless, I’m happy with how our porch has turned out this year.  We found some really fun orange and purple lights at Target for $4.50, and they were just what I wanted to put my house in the running with the rest on the block.

IMG_6484 copy

IMG_6486 copy

IMG_6489 copyThis white cutie is my pumpkin that I found from my day at the pumpkin patch.  (Read about the experience here.)

IMG_6490 copyAnd this one is my hubby’s!

How do you decorate your porch or yard for Halloween?

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