Milly’s 3rd Birthday: sundae funday

We really lucked out with Milly’s birthday last year. We wanted to celebrate her with a party and with the weirdness of the times, thought we should have it outside. Her birthday is usually one of the last weekends before it turns VERY cold outside so it was definitely a gamble. But, it ended up… [Read More]

Holidays 2020

So, I’ve always said that in our household, the holidays start October 19th on Milly’s birthday, and last until January 10th (my birthday). Welp – now they start September 26th on Ava’s birthday! Sorry husband, you with your July birthday… ;) So of course, Ava was born September 26th, about 3 weeks early. Started my… [Read More]

4th of July week 2020

I wrote this last summer but am just now posting it… :) We spent the week getting takeout from restaurants + bbqing and eating on our veranda. We made s’mores a couple times in our firepit, plus our resort hosted a s’mores night on the beach which we went to. We went to a berry… [Read More]

Summer 2020

Summer 2020 was a weird one. Restaurants closing, no local pool, no gatherings… plus I was pregnant on top of all of it. I’m so thankful we had the lake to escape to. We had backyard hangs, and lots of berry picking. We found a swing set for Milly on Facebook market place which we… [Read More]

Ava’s Fresh 48

When Milly was born we had her for a couple hours before she was whisked away to the special care nursery for over over a week. I ached for the “normal” hospital stay that we missed out on. My pregnancy with Ava gave me some big scares, but our short hospital stay after her birth… [Read More]

Ava’s Birth Story

Where to start, where to start. First of all – what a pregnancy this was. I joke that I’m not a good pregnant person and manage to have things that are quite uncommon happen to me in my pregnancies. Having Milly in the special care nursery for eight days was extremely difficult, but I won’t… [Read More]

36 Weeks

How far along? 36 weeksTotal weight gain: 24 pounds as of my appointment on Thursday. (It’s Sunday as I write this, I’m 36 weeks and 3 days.)Maternity clothes? I’m still working from home which means I’m wearing basically the same lounge outfits every day. And I’m still super stretching out some of my non-maternity things!… [Read More]

29-35 Weeks

So…. I’ve been keeping up on weekly pictures, but not writing the posts to go with them. So, now I have to do a blanket post to cover them all because I certainly can’t remember the answer to the questions for these weeks. Whoops! July 30th- September 10th.

28 Weeks

How far along? 28 weeksTotal weight gain: hovering right around 17-18 pounds still!Maternity clothes? Both. The looser non-maternity things I ordered came and I LOVE them! They work perfectly with my baby bump!Sleep: still going strong with good sleep as long as my toddler doesn’t wake in the night. Best moments this week: annual girls… [Read More]

27 Weeks

How far along? 27 weeksTotal weight gain: I think about 18 pounds!Maternity clothes? Both. Comfy sundresses are getting me through the summer! Sleep: sleep is pretty good, sometimes I make it through the night without waking and sometimes I don’t. I can no longer sleep on my back though, which is a little bit of… [Read More]