DIY Baker Costume

Yesterday my hubby and I threw a very successful Halloween party with some close friends.  (Read all about it here!)  One of the best parts about Halloween parties?  Dressing up of course.  (Treats are right up there as well.)  A little fact about me:  I don’t like to buy costumes.  Mainly because they are so expensive for something you will only wear once.  They also get more provocative as the years go by.  Plus, getting creative is fun!  Last year my bestie and I made queen of heart/diamond costumes.  Check it out here!

This year I had a list of costumes I a) would like to dress up as, and b) thought I could easily put together myself.  My list was made up of Holly Golightly, ballerina, baker, and Morton Salt girl.  I ended up choosing to dress up as a baker.  (And now I have options already lined up for next year!)  This costume is so easy, and I bet most ladies have the pieces that make up this costume already at home.

IMG_6458 copy

Yep, my hubby dressed up as a chef. :-)  So- to throw together this costume, I raided my closet and kitchen to find items that would pull it together.  Everything I wore I had at home, except for the apron.  Now, I did have an apron at home, but when I saw this one at Bed Bath & Beyond I couldn’t help but buy it!  It’s so adorable, and the cupcake pattern helped me feel more like a baker.  I wore a little red dress underneath to match the apron.  My accessories included my girliest oven mitt, a wooden spoon, and a cupcake liner headband I made myself.

Here is my costume breakdown:


IMG_6461 copy

The cupcake liner headband was really easy.  I had cute pink and red Martha Stewart cupcake liners left from Valentine’s day, so I poked two holes in the bottom of a pink one, and looped delicate black ribbon through the holes.  I then pulled most of my hair up so I could tie the ribbon around my head, situating the cupcake liner off to the side.  I then put my hair down, making the black ribbon barely visible.

Costume PostSee?  Easy.

And there you have it!  A really easy homemade Halloween costume.  What did you dress up as?


  1. An adorable and easy Halloween costume! Love It!! Wish I saw this earlier but there’s always next year.

    • Thank you Jessica! DIY costumes are my favorite– and I already have a few ideas for next year! Picking just one will be the hard part…

  2. SO creative, friend!! Great job!

    Stopping by your blog tonight from a comment you left on Shelley’s blog, Frame of Mind. Sounds like you all had so much fun at the PNW blogger party!


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