Holidays 2018

The holiday season has been that much more special to me, since Emilia was born. Usually Halloween kicks off all the celebrating, and it lasts all the way until my birthday on January 10th. But now, it starts October 19th on Milly’s birthday which is pretty much the best way it could possibly start. I shared a… [Read More]

Halloween 2017

I really love this time of year, when fall melts into the holidays. And now that we have our baby girl, I know my love for this season is going to really grow! It’s so crazy to think that I was due on Halloween, with no clue of whether or not I’d actually have her… [Read More]

Halloween Baby Style

I can’t believe it’s September! Our temps may be in the 90s, but my mind is definitely thinking of fall now. Probably because we’ve got a fall baby on the way! I don’t know if it’s the fact that my due date is on Halloween, but I am obsessed with baby Halloween outfits! Old Navy… [Read More]


Does anyone else out there think Halloween should always be on a Saturday? I had a pretty awesome Halloweekend. Friday night we carved lots of pumpkins and ate lots of pizza with friends, Saturday morning we had breakfast with one of my best friends and her husband, Saturday night we went to a Halloween party, and then… [Read More]

Holly Golightly & the Pirate

Today was a Monday, if I do say so myself. Work was suuuper busy, and I was suffering from a Seahawk hangover all day. No, this wasn’t an alcohol induced hangover, but rather a hangover from watching my first Seahawks game in one of the loudest stadiums in the NFL. It. Was. AWESOME. Let’s back up, shall we? Hi!… [Read More]

Friday Favorites

Whoo, it’s been awhile since I’ve done a Friday favorites post! Well, I am so stinkin’ happy it’s Friday that I couldn’t resist doing one today. This weekend is going to be awesome between Halloween and going to my very first Seahawks game! SO excited! Alright, so here are some of my favorite finds from… [Read More]

Pumpkin Carving Party

Happy Halloween Eve! Last night we had the annual family pumpkin carving party at my house.  There are only two words needed to describe this event:  fun mayhem.  When my family gets together it is always mayhem.  BUT, it is absolutely fun mayhem.  Between the kids and the grown-ups who still act like kids… we… [Read More]

Fall Porch Decor

I live on a street where everybody has their fall decorations put up by September 1st.  I like to think it’s because they all have kids, because I’m much slower at putting my decorations up (and I don’t have kids.)  But, maybe it’s just me being slow.  Regardless, I’m happy with how our porch has turned out… [Read More]

Our First Halloween Party

I love relaxing Sundays.  That’s what today has been.  This morning, I got to sip my coffee while my Westie pup snuggled next to me and twinkle lights softly glistened on my headboard.  (I keep twinkle lights up on my headboard year round because I love them too much to take them down ever.)  Last… [Read More]

DIY Baker Costume

Yesterday my hubby and I threw a very successful Halloween party with some close friends.  (Read all about it here!)  One of the best parts about Halloween parties?  Dressing up of course.  (Treats are right up there as well.)  A little fact about me:  I don’t like to buy costumes.  Mainly because they are so… [Read More]