Christmas Cards – 2017

I’ve always felt that I would finally have my life together if I ever sent out Christmas cards. You really have to plan ahead to get them finished and sent out in a timely manner. Having a baby this year really gave me the extra motivation to get them done. It’s safe to say that… [Read More]

Free Printable {Love is Sweet}

Hey, happy Friday Eve! (And happy Groundhog Day.) Today is February 2nd and also day TWO of my 14 days of love list. Today’s item is “Frame a Valentine’s Printable.” I LOVE printables. In fact – I plan on opening an Etsy shop in the very near future to sell some. (I’ll share details as… [Read More]

Inspirations Ceramic & Art Cafe

I just want to stop by and share a fun moment I collected recently with my sister-in-law, Melissa. For my birthday, she and my brother had given me a gift card to a new place in town called Inspirations Ceramic &Art Cafe. We picked a Saturday afternoon to go together so I could use it,… [Read More]

Girl’s Night Out Bachelorette Bash

This last weekend I was in a wedding for my good friend Holly. It was beautiful. Exactly what you would dream up for a fall wedding. Hot cocoa, leaves blowing magically in the wind, and love in the air. Being a bridesmaid, I got to help in planning the bachelorette bash! I’m one of those weirdos who… [Read More]

Diaper Cake

Hey guys, I hope you had a wonderful weekend! I sure did! Friday after work, Holly came over so we could work on a diaper cake for our friend’s baby shower. Holly has a Cricut, which is a crafter’s miracle machine. So, basically I rolled and rubber-banded diapers while she cut out adorable shapes for… [Read More]

Gluten & Dairy Free Birthday Party

Yep, we did it.  My mom and I managed to throw a gluten and dairy free birthday party, when neither of us are gluten or dairy free. Why, then, would we do such a thing, you ask? Because the party was for my sister-in-law, who is gluten and dairy free.  Every holiday we rack our brains to try and… [Read More]

Decorating Pine Cones

Happy Wednesday all!  Half way through the work week, whew!  Today is December 11th, so it is the 11th day of our activities advent calendar.  My hubby and I are having so much fun with this advent calendar that we put together ourselves!  Each night is a different holiday activity to countdown the days until… [Read More]

Christmas Activities Advent Calendar | Week 1

When I was a little girl, I loved those advent calendars you buy at the store that have a piece of holiday shaped chocolate behind each cardboard window.  We also made the red and green paper chains in grade school, where you take them home and tear off a link each day so you can… [Read More]

DIY Baker Costume

Yesterday my hubby and I threw a very successful Halloween party with some close friends.  (Read all about it here!)  One of the best parts about Halloween parties?  Dressing up of course.  (Treats are right up there as well.)  A little fact about me:  I don’t like to buy costumes.  Mainly because they are so… [Read More]

DIY Fall Bucket List

I have something wonderful to share! Now that fall is upon us, we get to decide exactly what we want to do during the season of sweater weather and pumpkin everything. What better way to plan it all out than to make a fall to-do list? I found this free printable that you can edit… [Read More]