Halloween 2017

I really love this time of year, when fall melts into the holidays. And now that we have our baby girl, I know my love for this season is going to really grow! It’s so crazy to think that I was due on Halloween, with no clue of whether or not I’d actually have her by then. (Although I did get her a costume and Halloween onesie, just in case!) I was so happy to have her on the outside to join in on the fun with us this year!

Halloween Eve we had a super cozy night of baby snuggles, a Stranger Things marathon, and the best pumpkin ice cream ever. (Tillamook pumpkin and cookie butter ice cream, it’s AMAZING.) I dressed the babe in her boo-tiful onesie from Old Navy that I had been on the hunt for since summer. I was so happy when they restocked it for this season!

On Halloween we dressed up in our costumes! Emilia was the cutest pineapple in the world, and we were dressed in some Hawaiian clothes. Our first family costume! (How many more years do I have to get away with this until she wants to do her own thing?)

I hope you all had the BEST Halloween!


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