Diaper Cake

Hey guys, I hope you had a wonderful weekend! I sure did! Friday after work, Holly came over so we could work on a diaper cake for our friend’s baby shower. Holly has a Cricut, which is a crafter’s miracle machine. So, basically I rolled and rubber-banded diapers while she cut out adorable shapes for the cake.

We went with a woodland theme because the parents-to-be are outdoorsy. Their baby girl, Hayden, is expected to arrive in late August!

We used a wrapping paper roll cut down to size for the center of the cake, and a large rubber band to hold the diapers together in a round shape. Once it was assembled in the size and shape we wanted, Holly wrapped burlap, ribbon, and twine around the layers, pinning them tightly in the back. (We didn’t glue anything to the diapers because we didn’t want to ruin them.) Then we placed some of the scrapbook decor she had bought randomly throughout the cake.

IMG_9062 copy IMG_9063 copy

The paper goodies Holly cut were deer for the topper (a mama, a dad, and a baby), an owl, a bear, and the word’s “Baby Baird”. Holly also picked up a fresh bouquet of flowers which she stashed throughout the cake.

I love how it turned out!

IMG_9072 copy IMG_9075 copy

The  baby shower was really fun! There was onesie decorating, raspberry lemonade cupcakes, and present opening (my personal favorite part.) Baby girl stuff is so adorable!

IMG_9058 copy1
What’s in the bag:



Mint polka dot romper || Johnson’s take along pack || Owl car seat strap covers || Pampers baby wipes || Are You My Mother?

We signed the book rather than buying a card- which is an idea I’ve always loved. Holly and I were really happy with how the diaper cake turned out, and I feel super lucky to have such a crafty friend. Seriously, she’s amazing! And I can’t wait to meet little baby Hayden, I know she’s just going to be a doll.

Well, we made it through another Monday! I’m hoping this week goes by pretty quickly because we’ve got a camping trip this weekend that is sure to be a blast. Have a relaxing Monday night!




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