Wesley’s birth story

Wow, what an experience. This baby boy gave me such a different pregnancy that was overall much easier. I didn’t have any of the complications to deal with from the other two. I had morning sickness pretty good but that’s to be expected lol. Honestly, the whole pregnancy up to 37 weeks FLEW by. Well,… [Read More]

37-40 weeks

10/9 -37w1d – Today is how far along I was with Ava when I went into labor at about 9am. Feeling nothing really so far with baby boy, so thinking he won’t be the same. But also can’t help but think I’ve been measuring “ahead” this whole pregnancy, so I’m pretty much ready for him… [Read More]

31-36 weeks

31 weeks 32 weeks 9/15 – happy Friday!! I am 33 weeks, and while I thought I was going strong with sleeping solidly, it ended abruptly this week. I only make it maybe 4 hours at a time before I am too sore on my hip and need to adjust or use the bathroom. And… [Read More]

25-30 weeks

25 weeks and craving dark chocolate apparently – which hasn’t changed to be honest. 26 weeks – Another week where one of my girls has to be in on the picture. :) July 29, 2023 27 weeks – August 5, 2023 28 weeks 29 weeks 30 weeks – 8/21 – darn I have been bad… [Read More]

19-24 weeks

19 weeks – 6/7 – it’s basically summer, and that means BUSY. 20 weeks – 6/11 – cozy very early Sunday morning sipping delicious hot coffee with my bump. We have our ultrasounds tomorrow, can’t wait to see baby. :) June has been so very busy, we’re working on combining the girls into Milly’s room… [Read More]

13-18 weeks

I didn’t write any notes for 13 weeks, but I did start my weekly pictures. By this point my nausea was just lifting (hallelujah!) and we knew the gender. (!!!) I let Milly write my chalkboard for this week. baby was the size of a lemon. I just adore the “I love u baby”. April… [Read More]

Baby #3

I love looking back at my pregnancies on this blog, so I have to post about pregnancy #3. 2023 was the year I carried my third baby – what a blessing! For this pregnancy, I didn’t fill out the weekly questionnaires. Instead I tried (emphasis on tried lol) to jot down notes / thoughts throughout…. [Read More]

Summer Bucket List

Happy June! We have had the nicest weather the last couple weeks and it’s made me want to do all the summer things! We have a very active little 20 month old who loves water and having fun, so I’m sure this will be a great summer for the books. Here’s what’s on our list… [Read More]

Mother’s Day Weekend

For Mother’s day, all I wanted was to take Milly to the beach for the first time – so that’s what we did! We went to Pacific Beach, WA and spent a super sweet weekend in a beach house we found on VRBO. We were a five minute walk to the ocean and we were… [Read More]

Milly 18 Months

I wrote this post back when Milly was 18 months… she’s almost 20 months now! A little behind, but I still wanted to share it. She’s learned way more since I wrote this, but here’s a little glimpse at what she was like at 18 months. ;) So, Milly turned 18 months on April 19th,… [Read More]