Christmas Cards – 2017

I’ve always felt that I would finally have my life together if I ever sent out Christmas cards. You really have to plan ahead to get them finished and sent out in a timely manner. Having a baby this year really gave me the extra motivation to get them done. It’s safe to say that despite what I’ve always though, Christmas cards have gone out and I definitely still don’t have my life together. Maybe next year? ;)

I used Costco because I had used them before and it’s really easy. I just upload my pictures to a template of my choice, personalize it, order it, and then they are sent right to my local Costco for pick-up. Super easy, and I’m really happy with the quality.

We took the pictures ourselves with our tripod in our freezing backyard. Because… last minute. But, they still turned out alright. Much better than the Seahawk selfie I thought I was going to have to use because we had no good pictures of the three of us…

Merry Christmas, from our family to yours.


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