37-40 weeks

10/9 -37w1d – Today is how far along I was with Ava when I went into labor at about 9am. Feeling nothing really so far with baby boy, so thinking he won’t be the same. But also can’t help but think I’ve been measuring “ahead” this whole pregnancy, so I’m pretty much ready for him to come..

10/12 – 37w4d – The girls went next door yesterday and hubby and I took a long walk around the neighborhood. It wasn’t easy but it was still nice. I slept until about 2 am and then was wide awake and hungry, so finally rolled out of bed to go eat granola + almond milk. Then took me awhile to fall back asleep. So I am exhausted.

10/13 – 37w5d – happy Friday! It’s 6:15am and I am just about done with my coffee. I am so thankful for a better nights sleep last night. I did wake to some sharp pains down low in my abdomen but they’re better now. I really think things are just getting super stretched and cramped. His movements sometimes are so huge and sharp. Yow. We don’t really have plans this weekend except for Milly’s last soccer game, and then the girls get to go next door tomorrow for cousin time / a sleepover. I’m hoping to just take it easy: some walks, a bath, a hallmark movie… I’m so thankful we got all our pumpkin patch / birthday parties done earlier. I must’ve known I’d be extremely uncomfortable at this point in pregnancy. I can’t wait to snuggle him already!!

10/14 – 37w6d – I had another night of very uncomfortable flipping and flopping. It’s getting so hard to do. I had some cramping at one point and hoped maybe that was the start, but it’s 5:47am right now and nothing. Baby boy’s just moving away in there!

10/15 – 38 weeks!! 6:30am: yesterday we took two long walks, I had raspberry tea, etc. and by the the time I laid down to watch a movie, I was having some pretty good cramping. And then it went away. Last night was a very uncomfortable night of sleep. I of course was hoping that I would go into labor at some point in the night, but I guess not. So – I’m going to have my coffee. Eat some breakfast, and try it all again today.

The amount of Braxton Hicks contractions I have, especially at night – is insane! I never had the “super hot” feeling in pregnancy, but now I get it. When I lay down to sleep I have constant contractions and they make me SO hot!!

10/16 – 38w1d – I woke at maybe 4, maybe a little before and could not go back to sleep. My nights are just so uncomfortable. Ended up getting up at like 4:45am and going out to the living room to read and make coffee. I was so hungry too. I am too exhausted and uncomfortable to do the necessary things in life, let alone the fun stuff that should be happening right now.

Yesterday we took a long morning walk (it was really beautiful) then another walk an hour later. I took a bath to try to relax my body. I did squats off and on all day. We went to town to try to distract me. We got more dates and some pineapple which I ate. But so far still just Braxton Hicks.

10/17 – 38w2d – thank you God, for a better nights sleep. I still tossed and turned in pain all night long, but thankfully was able to go back to sleep each time until I got up for coffee at 5:30am. It’s Milly’s birthday Eve eve.

10/18- 38w3d – happy birthday Eve Milly girl! We just had our 38 week appt and I was dilated 3.5 so we did a stretch and sweep, and I am now 4.5 centimeters. Eek!! 24-48 hours if it works… we shall see!

10/19 – 38w4d – I am the most pregnant I’ve ever been lol… happy 6th birthday Milly girl!!! We love you soooooo much!!! She took unicorn cookies to school today. I’m excited she gets to be with her friends, but also wish I could hang out with her all day.

39 weeks – If you couldn’t tell from my prior weeks ramblings, by 39 weeks I was OVER IT. I was consistently having prodromal labor, which was bouts of false contractions that I could time and constantly made me think baby boy was coming soon. I felt so defeated when they would stop! Looking back now, I know they were just getting my body ready for a really quick labor – but gosh, it was rough at the time!

This picture is from 40 weeks exactly. I had no clue it would be my last bump coffee date. I had no clue I’d be holding my sweet baby boy later that day. God is so good.

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