Milly 18 Months

I wrote this post back when Milly was 18 months… she’s almost 20 months now! A little behind, but I still wanted to share it. She’s learned way more since I wrote this, but here’s a little glimpse at what she was like at 18 months. ;)

So, Milly turned 18 months on April 19th, and of course I had to bake her half a cake. Lemon cake topped with whipped cream and blueberries to be exact. A sweet treat for my sweet girl.

Milly has turned into such a little talker, and I cannot get enough of it. This post would be SO long if I listed everything she says, but just know she pretty much will repeat anything we say. So she’s constantly learning new words and remembering them. Just the other day she learned popsicle (pockle), and I love that she makes up things on her own! She was hugging her little stuffed dog the other day and started saying huggy doggy. Huggy doggy! And now that’s what she calls it. She also will say huggy mama or huggy dada, and then hug us, which is pretty much the best.

She manages to learn things without us knowing. We were talking about doing something in 25 minutes, and she gestures to her wrist like she’s checking her watch. I thought it was a fluke, but she does it every time! She knows that time and watch and wrist are all associated.

I just love watching her play pretend. She makes pretend coffee and drinks it all the time. She pretends to put stuff in it, and one time I caught her “pouring” her toy cupcake into her coffee mug. Cupcake coffee. Genius. My child is a genius, and she’s so my daughter, because I’m pretty sure cupcake coffee would be right up my alley.

Also we had a package of diapers on the floor, and she sat on it and proceeded to scoot around the living room on it – riding it like a bike.

She is so busy, but sometimes she’ll give the sweetest snuggles, or lay her head on us and go awwww. We melt into giant puddles every single time. Oh, and just the other day she was giving her baby doll kisses, making the kiss sound – so cute.

She loves mamas makeup and trying to put it on, playing outside, and hanging with her grandparents. She keeps us all laughing all the time, and I’m convinced that life could not get any sweeter.


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