Baby #3

I love looking back at my pregnancies on this blog, so I have to post about pregnancy #3. 2023 was the year I carried my third baby – what a blessing!

For this pregnancy, I didn’t fill out the weekly questionnaires. Instead I tried (emphasis on tried lol) to jot down notes / thoughts throughout. I’ll recap some of them here!


2/9 – I’m not sure if I’ve been having symptoms, but I’ve been plagued by vivid dreams – multiple in a single night ugh! Lol.

I’ve been trying to get my nightly cardio in and eat well.

2/11 – took a test this am and it was negative. I will take another one on Monday morning. Still vivid dreaming.

3 weeks

2/13 – very faint positive line this morning! 3 weeks and 1 day

2/15 Thursday – on Sunday 2/12 I turned 3 weeks, so crazy. I am always so amazed at how early I’m aware of my pregnancies. What a blessing to be able to do this a third time.

I’ve been pretty exhausted already (LOL) and have no troubles sleeping like a rock at night. The vivid dreams though, ugh! Not a fan haha. I’ve been reading a lot, which I love. Also trying to make lists of all I should accomplish in the next couple weeks before the nausea sets in. I’m still enjoying my morning coffee while I can. And snuggling Ava extra when I rock her at night because once my belly is large, it’ll probably be the end of that. :’(

It will be an interesting kick off to spring, being nauseous. Here’s hoping I can keep a handle on it!

4 weeks

Sunday 2/19 – happy 4 weeks itty bitty baby! Baby is no larger than a poppy seed right now, crazy to think about. Praying for a healthy babe. My symptoms have been the same. We are at the lake house right now for Presidents’ Day weekend, our first time here since September.

Saturday 2/25- 4 weeks and 6 days. I’m up early (6:30am) on a Saturday and having my coffee in the quiet. I’m feeling pretty much the same. Last night hubby and I went to Costco and bought all the things lol. That was on my list for pre-nausea so it feels good to get that out of the way. I’m still just praying for a safe and healthy baby and pregnancy. Also I’ve definitely looked at baby clothes online but haven’t bought anything yet. I know we won’t know the gender for a bit still, but I want to shop! :)

5 weeks

Sunday 2/26 – hello little apple seed! Well, I’m up drinking coffee, super tired because Milly was up at midnight unable to sleep and Ava was coughing like crazy. I am WIPED. And hubby leaves today for a conference. Boo. But anyway, I’m savoring my coffee because this is probably the last week I’ll be drinking it for the rest of the first trimester. I’ve had little moments of feeling like I could be nauseous – I’ve been trying to prepare myself as best I can. I’ve got ginger candies, small stash of snacks downstairs to easily grab throughout the day, and gum to chew in between.

2/27- Well, jokes on me because I ended up nauseous yesterday… 5 weeks?! Ugh I thought I had a whole week left of no nausea. Hopefully this just means it will be done a week earlier? Blech.


6 weeks

3/5 Sunday – happy 6 weeks little sweet pea! Oh boy have I been nauseous this week. Struggle. Bus. It’s so hard to work and try to have a normal day when I feel so sick constantly. My only relief is eating constantly throughout the day which is making me feel huge and yucky. It started at 5 instead of 6 weeks so I’m hopeful that means it’ll be done at 12 instead of 13. Ugh!

7 weeks

3/15 Wednesday – 7 weeks little blueberry! Another week of nausea! I’m just feeling so gross, I’m sick of food, sick of gum, sick of dry mouth and throat at night – all the things! We told my parents last week which was super sweet – my mom is so excited. Our first appointment is next week so hopefully that will go well and we will tell a few more people. I am just so ready for warmer weather, fresh air, being able to stomach coffee again, and just feeling better!

8 weeks

3/20 – struggle. I’m puking more. I feel like crap and I’m so sick of eating. I’m really hoping only 4 more weeks but I know it could be 5. Poor husband has to do everything, baths, lay the girls down, make the food. I can’t wait to feel better. Little raspberry now!

3/21 – our first appt today! We got to see baby on the ultrasound. So teeny tiny, with a heartbeat of 170. (Wow!) Baby was measuring 8 weeks and 5 days, and I am 8 weeks and 2 days, so pretty much spot on. Due date is 10/29! Yikes!! Lol.


10 weeks

4/4 – our second appt today!! We couldn’t get the heartbeat on the Doppler so got another little ultrasound and got to see little baby jelly bean wiggling around. It was seriously so cute. And even a little arm going up by the mouth or maybe just waving hello to mom and dad! (And sister Ava who was with us at the appt.) They took my blood so praying for some good results of a healthy safe baby. And knowing the gender this soon will be so sweet!


We were floored to learn that baby #3 is a boy. Wait, what’s a brother? The girls were so excited and so were we.

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