19-24 weeks

19 weeks – 6/7 – it’s basically summer, and that means BUSY.

20 weeks – 6/11 – cozy very early Sunday morning sipping delicious hot coffee with my bump. We have our ultrasounds tomorrow, can’t wait to see baby. :) June has been so very busy, we’re working on combining the girls into Milly’s room which means all the organizing and cleaning out plus building new furniture. I made a lot of progress this weekend but still have a lot more to go. And then we can start getting the nursery in order for its new roomie coming in fall!

The girls both have coughs again right now so I’m really hoping I don’t catch it. It was miserable last time and it lingered so long. Plus, hubby leaves for 5 days in Minnesota next week. I don’t want him to go. :(

I feel baby’s movements SO MUCH and so pronounced!! I think he is very strong. I remember feeling the same thing with Ava, so hopefully I don’t have to worry about him being huge lol.

6/13 – we had our 20 week ultrasound yesterday. As always, it was so special seeing baby moving around so much on screen, especially when I could feel a lot of the movements! We got quick confirmation that he is indeed a boy! And we got a sweet video of him moving to share with Milly. His cute little profile looks a lot like the girls!! Same little button nose. I just cannot. Gives me butterflies.

This is Milly’s last week of school! I have a little summer kick off basket planned for her and Ava on Thursday, and we got a slip and slide that is going to blow their minds lol. Time just feels extra sweet right now, and I am so thankful for these blessings.

We celebrated our 11 year wedding anniversary when I was 21 weeks.

At 22 weeks, we drove to Montana for a family reunion. It was a lot of driving and a quick two night stay – but we had a great time.

This was right before Ava and I got sick with some sort of stomach bug – ugh! It took me out and we ended up leaving the lake house early because of it.

Summer was pretty busy for us, so I didn’t jot many notes down from this part of the pregnancy. We did bust out the slip and slide for the girls this weeks, and they had a blast.

July 15, 2023

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