13-18 weeks

I didn’t write any notes for 13 weeks, but I did start my weekly pictures. By this point my nausea was just lifting (hallelujah!) and we knew the gender. (!!!)

I let Milly write my chalkboard for this week. baby was the size of a lemon. I just adore the “I love u baby”.

April 25, 2023

No notes for week 14! Also, apparently no bump picture lol.

15 weeks – 5/8 – time sure is flying. I think I felt baby while I was laying down flat in the middle of the night. Now I’m constantly trying to feel it again. Love it so much.

We spent Mother’s Day at the lake, and it was warm enough to swim. I loved my maternity swimsuit – it was probably my favorite pregnancy purchase!

16 weeks – 5/16 – yes I have definitely been feeling little movements! Wow it’s so early… maybe he’s huge in there?!! Or maybe I’m a week ahead like I thought? Lol.

Highlights: definitely feeling baby move here and there. It really gives so much peace. I feel like I’m a week ahead, because my nausea started a week earlier than the girls, and I’m feeling movement waaaay earlier. We will see!

17 weeks – 5/26 – Friday before MDW. Looking forward to some time at the lake. We have been nonstop I feel like, but also still have so much to do! I love feeling sweet little baby. Only a few more weeks until our ultrasound!

Highlights: my morning coffee time + reading with the bump. I love feeling those sweet movements.

No notes again. This picture is from June 2, 2023. I was definitely bumpin’!

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