Summer Bucket List

Happy June! We have had the nicest weather the last couple weeks and it’s made me want to do all the summer things! We have a very active little 20 month old who loves water and having fun, so I’m sure this will be a great summer for the books. Here’s what’s on our list so far!

  • Pool days
  • Make a yummy dessert with fresh raspberries from our garden
  • Camping
  • S’mores
  • Lake Chelan
  • Decorate our walkway with sidewalk chalk
  • Go out for ice cream
  • Visit a local fruit stand
  • Backyard photo shoot with milly
  • Have friends over for a BBQ

We got a family pass to our local pool this year and took Milly already this week on opening day. She loved it! We’ve also been making lots of backyard memories with her little splash pad. What else should be on our list?

And also, since I need to be filling this blog with all of my Milly stories so I can remember them, Milly always likes to note possession when she’s talking. So it’s not just coffee anymore, it’s mama’s coffee. And when something is hers, she calls it me-me’s. Me-me’s wa wa. Me-me’s shoes. You get it. Well, the other night Marty jokingly hid her binky to see if she could find it, and when she finally did, she grabs it, hides it behind her back and goes myyyy binky. Omg! We died – so cute! Also, the other day she threw a hanger and it hit me. I told her, “Ow Milly, that hurt mama. Please don’t do that. Say sorry to mama.” She just kinda stood still and looked at me but didn’t say anything, so I went back to putting clothes away in her closet. While I was doing that, she opened the closet door and hit me, so I said, “Be careful, Milly, mama’s putting clothes away right now.” and she goes – “Sow-a mama!” I immediately melted into a giant puddle, gave her the biggest hug, and thanked her for saying sorry. I just love her so much – she is the best thing!

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