31-36 weeks

31 weeks

32 weeks

9/15 – happy Friday!! I am 33 weeks, and while I thought I was going strong with sleeping solidly, it ended abruptly this week. I only make it maybe 4 hours at a time before I am too sore on my hip and need to adjust or use the bathroom. And somehow my legs are sore in the night too lately. I’m sure that in a few weeks I won’t make it the 4 hours lol. Lately we have been crossing off all the things! I think I’m done placing orders for awhile, hopefully. And now I just need to wait for everything to come in so I can wash, pack hospital bag, and organize. This weekend I will be doing freezer meals. I wonder how much longer til we are holding baby boy in our arms :)

34 weeks

9/24 – Sunday morning of Ava’s party day and 35 weeks!! Omg! lol. Time is just flying right along and we have been so dang busy. Soccer, gymnastics, Milly’s doing cheer camp next week, birthdays, fall fun… nonstop!! At my 32 week appt I was measuring 34 which freaked me out lol, but at my 34 week appt I was also measuring 34 so I feel like we balanced ourselves out lol. My weight is the crazy thing, for the last month at least I have been hovering right around 129 lbs, which I joked with Marty that I have never gone over 130… I’m somehow still hanging on there, but surely can’t go the rest of this pregnancy without going over that right?! each time it’s been under 130 I have been so shocked! lol. But baby boy is doing good, he moves a lot and is very strong. Sometimes his movements are painful, so I’m sure he’s running out of room in there. I still love my early morning bump coffee dates, they are so quiet and special and a great way to start the day. We still need to pack hospital bags and clean some more before his arrival, but we’re getting there! Absolutely cannot wait to snuggle him.

10/2 -36 weeks and 1 day! I get so sore in the night while sleeping and wake often to pee or switch sides. Getting up in the morning to have coffee is a welcome relief. We had a great weekend. The football game Friday night for Milly’s cheer camp performance – she did great! Her first soccer game Saturday morning. We drove to Chelan for lunch at company creek pizza and then went to the pumpkin patch at Chelan valley farms for ours and their 5th year in a row! We got some good pumpkins, let the girls play and have ice cream, grabbed some festive donuts, and we went on the hayride. Ava loved getting an apple from the tree and working on eating it whole! Milly on the other hand was just trying not to lose her front teeth with it lol. We grabbed a few of the new varieties to take home, and cut a couple sunflowers for the girls. It was a beautiful day. Then on Sunday Marty took Joey to his grooming appt and then ran to Costco. I had boo baskets set out for the girls and then made them pancakes.

It’s so crazy having no clue if baby is a week away from coming or four weeks away from coming. Constant prayers for a safe labor and delivery.

10/5 – 36w4d – Yesterday morning we had our 36 week appointment, and the midwife thought based on feeling my belly that baby boy was breech. I was a little floored because at 34 weeks Stacy said he was head down, and I didn’t feel like he had flipped completely or anything. I was also measuring 34, which is pretty funny when I think about it now. Anyway, we ultimately decided getting in for an ultrasound this week to confirm would be the best course of action, and we could check growth and fluids as well. I got home around 10:20am, only to get a call from confluence asking if I could come in for a 12:20 ultrasound that same day. So back to town we went! Hated all the driving to town, but was happy we weren’t going to have to wait for answers.

The first thing she found on the ultrasound was baby boys head, tucked down nice and low right where his sisters’ were as well. Thank you Jesus. We got to see his hair as well lol. Also, he’s not small at all! In fact the ultrasound tech thinks I’m a week farther along, which makes sense to me considering the week early nausea and all that. But really, baby will come when God is ready for him to join us on the outside. She measured him at 6 lbs 14 oz… WHOA BABY (I’m still 129 pounds somehow, don’t ask me how!!)

I woke really really early today and could not fall back asleep. So it’s 6:10am right now and I’ve been awake for over an hour and am almost done with my coffee. It’s going to be a long day.

10/7 – Saturday morning – 36w6d – another really early morning, but I slept a solid 7 hours without getting up I’m pretty sure, so I just felt ready to wake at like 4:15am 臘‍♀️ I’m sure I’ll be exhausted later but I just could not fall back asleep. I made myself wait until 5:30am to make coffee though.

So, today we have a soccer game and then Milly’s gymnastics party this afternoon, followed by family dinner at Abby’s pizza. A day to celebrate my girl, I love it. Then we will of course make her actual birthday special as well, I just wanted to do this party early because of how late in pregnancy I am. Speaking of – baby boy, when are you making your debut?? After this party, I’d say we are ready for you anytime!

We’ve been taking short walks around the neighborhood with the girls and Joey, but I haven’t felt any labor signs. Just lots of Braxton Hicks contractions. He’s running out of room for sure though and manages to give me some painful jabs in the lower back sometimes. I can’t wait to kiss his face!

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