Wesley’s birth story

Wow, what an experience.

This baby boy gave me such a different pregnancy that was overall much easier. I didn’t have any of the complications to deal with from the other two. I had morning sickness pretty good but that’s to be expected lol. Honestly, the whole pregnancy up to 37 weeks FLEW by.

Well, anyway – then October hits, my due date month! For the last few weeks of my pregnancy I dealt with prodromal labor – which is basically contractions that are steady but don’t actually progress your cervix. So there were so many times I thought labor was starting, only for the contractions to stop. It was mentally draining. Also I was trying to do all of the things to get labor to induce naturally, and nothing worked. So many walks, stairs, squats… We tried every single thing for weeks. I had never gone so late in pregnancy and was so worried that he was getting too large and I wouldn’t be able to deliver him. The anxiety was unreal and made each day so long. I had nights where the prodromal labor would keep me up, or baby boy would keep me up because his movements were sometimes sharp and painful. I felt like I was waiting so long and trying to make something happen that might not. I prayed so hard and so often but still had the anxiety, which I would then ask for forgiveness for.

At my 38 week appointment I was dilated 3.5, so my midwife did a membrane sweep which stretched me to 4.5cm and then the following morning I lost my mucus plug tinged with blood. I thought for sure labor was near. Nope! I literally would have 8 hour bouts of (non-painful) contractions that would ultimately stop. It was so hard! So the next week, at my 39 week appointment we tried it again. I was still dilated 4cm, but during a contraction she said I dilated 6cm. She said that with my dilation, she would send me to the hospital today to be induced if they had room. She gave them a call and they didn’t, but she put me down for a 7:30am induction on Saturday so I could have an end in sight. I had more blood tinged mucus and lots more prodromal labor. Lots more nights where I thought for sure this was it and it wasn’t. Saturday morning rolled around and I was up bright and early after a pretty decent sleep, all things considered. I called, and they were full. I was told to call back in 6 hours which I did and they were full. I was told to call back in another 6 hours. So Marty and I went to Chelan for lunch for a distraction which was nice, and I had “false” contractions the entire time. When we got back home I called at 6pm and they were still full. I was so defeated and drained mentally and physically. Also I was having such a hard time with thoughts of how big he was getting. I was starting to think he wouldn’t get to wear his Halloween costume with the girls, and also I was just too big and uncomfortable and drained to do a lot of the festive stuff I live for. (Also, the worst heartburn multiple times a day lol.) After the 6pm call they told me they would call me between 6-7am, or I could call at 10am Sunday if I didn’t hear back. They thanked me for being so understanding. I didn’t even want an induction in all honesty, I was just so worried that my body was continually trying to start the process and failing to do so for whatever reason. Maybe he was just too wedged in there? I prayed so hard throughout everything, prayed for baby’s health and safety, and my own ability to bring him into the world. And I prayed he would come on his own and my body would be able to handle it. And I also prayed for forgiveness. A LOT. Because of all of my worry when I should have just had peace that God had us. And I knew in my heart that was true, I was just too impatient and wanted my timing instead of His.

Well, finally on his due date, Sunday 10/29, I woke up at about 2:30am-3am and I could not fall back asleep. I ended up getting up for a bit. I was very uncomfortable and could not shut off my brain. I crawled back into bed about 4:30am and slept until my alarm went off at 5:15am. Then, I had morning coffee with my bump – for the last time :’) – and showered so I could be ready if they called me in between 6am-7am. I sat out in the living room watching Halloween baking championship, with my phone right next to me – volume turned up. They didn’t call, which crushed me – even though I had a feeling that would be the case. I went about my morning, did my makeup, got dressed, did some exercise / movements, prayed like crazy for baby boy to come, etc. all the usuals! At 10am I called, and they were full still. Which I figured since they didn’t call me. This time the nurse did let me know that I was the top of their list so hopefully if they had the room today I would be the first one called to get in. I was told there was no need for me to call back, they would call me if they could get me in. I was still crushed and my poor husband had to deal with my sadness. By this point I had put off carving pumpkins, hoping maybe I’d be able to do it not pregnant, and with baby boy joining in on the festivities. But, with it being 10/29 and a Sunday, I knew I didn’t want the girls to miss out on it. So we cleaned off the table, did the dishes, put on Halloween music, laid out a festive table cloth, baked some jack o lantern break apart cookies, and carved our pumpkins. All four of them. The girls were so excited, and I carved what they wanted plus my own. And Marty carved his lol. Milly wanted heart eyes, and Ava wanted a ghost. It was nice to take my mind off of things and spend some festive time with the girls. And the funny part? I was having contractions throughout the whole time. More false labor, I assumed.

Well, by the time the pumpkin mess was all cleaned up, my contractions were feeling pretty close together. I had been ignoring them during carving, but figured I may as well lay down and try to time them. I did so reluctantly – I was so sick of timing contractions for no reason! Well, when I did, they were like 2-3 minutes apart with a sporadic 4 minute here and there. Still not painful though so I was super doubtful. I made sure to go to the bathroom and move around to see if they let up and they did not. (I had a little bit more blood tinged mucus, but I’d seen that before lots so thought nothing of it.) Then I decided to walk around my room and keep timing them to see if they let up after that and they did not. In fact, they were getting more intense. But still not painful. So still I had doubts. I think after about 30 minutes of timing them at that close together, I called my midwife and let her know. She said I should just come in and have a baby lol. I was still hesitant that they would stop because I could still talk through them just fine, so she said she would call me back in 30 minutes and if they were still going then I should come in. So that’s what I did. I kept pacing my room and timing them, and they stayed about 2 minutes apart and were getting more intense. I let my mom know of the plan at 12:30pm, and then my midwife called me back around 1pm and since they were 2 minutes apart and getting more intense she told me to come on in!

We loaded up our stuff and kissed our girls goodbye, letting them know babies can take awhile to come and he might not be there that day lol. They stayed with papa, and we were off.

I sat on towels in the car, just in case lol. The whole drive I continued to keep an eye on the clock and my contractions to make sure they were not letting up. I so felt like the girl who cried labor lol, and did not want to get there and have labor stop. But really my midwife is amazing and would not have let me get there and leave without my baby in my arms. :) Thankfully the contractions got stronger. But pain level was still quite low. Just maybe a little crampy. And it was all very low that I felt any pain, which I remember the pain with Ava being all over the abdomen. So it just felt so different.

We texted my mom that we were just parked at the hospital at 1:45pm. She said that she’d be right behind us. So we went in, got the gown on, I was still having my contractions close together but they were fine. My midwife came in to check me, and I was dilated 6cm. That was plenty to get me admitted! So they did all the things, the charge nurse who was wonderful got me all admitted and got my IV in. I kept having contractions. But I was still talking and smiling and laughing. When my mom got there she was like, how are you talking and smiling while dilated 6cm?!! Which is so true, I was at 6cm forever with Ava and finally had to get an epidural because the pain was TOO MUCH. God is just so good.

So yeah, given my lack of unbearable pain, I really thought we had a long road ahead of us. My nurses were making comments about make sure you get your dinner order in so you can eat after baby comes – like they were all so sure he was going to be born soon. I was like, but what if I don’t have him before dinner? And they were like, then it will go in the fridge! lol – I was just in such denial that he would be there soon. I mean, how could he be? I am so thankful I was wrong!

Once I was all admitted and dinner was ordered, my midwife let me know she could either break my water or I could move around and see if it breaks on its own. I decided I’d do the latter and she said she’d be back to check on me later. I climbed out of bed to start doing some pelvic movements while chatting to my hubby and mom, we were talking about water breaking and kind of laughing and after probably less than a minute of me moving by the bed, I felt a pop and water gushed. We were all SO shocked and even laughed about it. (Like what?! lol I can’t even believe it.) I looked at my mom and was like, aw man it’s gonna hurt now! lol. Because I knew once the water breaks the real pain begins. But I do remember thinking, that’s not enough water… even though it was a good sized puddle on the floor. Well, the contractions did pick up after that for sure. I was still moving around and trying different positions – I wanted to keep things progressing as best I could. I was on my hands and knees, squatting, etc. Eventually I did find that the best position for me was on my left side, in the bed, gripping onto the rail and my husband’s hand. I breathed really hard through each contraction. It was my only defense lol. It made my mouth so dry and I’m pretty sure my mom was worried I was going to get light headed. I asked for water between a lot of contractions so I was at least hydrated. I started to feel lots of pressure down low but it was not ready to push pressure. I asked to be checked and was at an 8cm. I’m a little fuzzy on the timeline, but either that check or a second one I asked for shortly after (because the pressure and pain down low was insane) my midwife felt another big bag of waters, which she broke for me. After that the pain was even more intense and I was shaking and trying to “crawl out of the bed” according to my hubby lol. I was literally trying to “get away” from the pressure each time. I was saying that pushing had to be near with how much pain and pressure I felt. Water was literally gushing out of me with each contraction. (I had so much!) I really felt like I had no control over how my body was reacting to each contraction. I wanted it to be pushing time just to be able to be near the end, but had no clue how I would be able to push through the pain.

It’s so hard to explain the pain. I told them all I can’t do it and they all said yes you can and you’re going to. lol. Well, it was time to push and I could feel it. I pushed for 9 minutes, and it took every single ounce of me. Thankfully they all told me he was almost here, keep pushing, so I did. It was so hard but I could feel he was coming out so I kept going even after I’d exhausted all of my energy. And then there he was. He was out!! Born at 4:23pm. Right around two and half hours after we had gotten there. Thank you father for such a fast delivery. I don’t know that I could have handled it if it were a second longer – haha. I know now that all of the “false” labor was working hard to get me ready for the real labor. I still look back in shock at how fast it was, and that I did it completely unmedicated. God is so good!

This baby boy has completely stolen our hearts. I love to stare at him and snuggle him and talk to him. And wouldn’t you believe it, after how badly I wanted him out of my belly and in my arms, I actually miss him in there. Again, God knew better than me. But I will always prefer him in my arms. I just love him so much. What a blessing.

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