West Coast Adventure {Day 7}

Day 7 – Palm Springs, CA Day 7 was going to start with driving out to the middle of nowhere (in the desert) to see Salvation Mountain, but I had not been a fan of driving in the desert thus far, plus I wanted as much time in Palm Springs as possible. Salvation Mountain, I… [Read More]

West Coast Adventure {Day 6}

Day 6 – Solvang, CA | Santa Barbara, CA | Cabazon, CA | Palm Springs, CA We greeted day 6 with another free hotel breakfast, AKA, fruit loops and coffee. We checked out of our “layover” hotel and hit the road perfectly on schedule, traffic be damned. About an hour from our hotel was the… [Read More]

West Coast Adventure {Day 5}

Day 5 – San Francisco, CA | Davenport, CA | Salinas, CA The morning of day 5 we were exhausted… from all the wine the day before, I’m sure. We still managed to roll ourselves out of bed and have breakfast at our hotel before we said “au revoir” to wine country. It was a… [Read More]

West Coast Adventure {Day 4}

Day 4 – Napa, CA Day 4 of our west coast adventure was wine tour day. All wine, all day. Thankfully we got to sleep in a little bit so we were perfectly rested for it. Coffee in bed instead of on the road? Yes please! We booked our Napa Valley wine tour through Platypus Tours, and I highly… [Read More]

West Coast Adventure {Day 3}

Day 3 – Klamath, CA | Napa, CA Day 3 started early again, before the sunrise. We took this picture from our hotel parking lot as we were packing up to leave. Goodbye, Oregon! You were lovely. From Gold Beach, we didn’t have too far to go until we were over the border to California… [Read More]

Goodbye Palm Trees

After spending the night in our hotel near Laguna Beach, we ate our free hotel breakfast and packed up for the long journey out of California. We knew we didn’t want to just drive forever without breaking it up a little bit, so we had planned a stop in Sacramento. From our hotel to Sacramento, it… [Read More]

Hollywood, Na Na Na

If you’ve been following along, we are now on day 5 of the road trip Merry and I took in 2009 when we were just 19! After spending an awesome few days in San Francisco, we were ready to keep trekking on. Next up: Hollywood, baby! We got up nice and early, ate a free… [Read More]

More SF Exploration

Alright, now where did I leave you… Right! In San Francisco! After our relaxing time spent at the beach the day before, we were well rested for some San Francisco exploration. We started the day with the continental breakfast included at our hotel. We got a kick out of the fact that our apples were… [Read More]

Santa Cruz & the Winchester House of Mystery

On to day three of the girl’s road trip Merry and I took back in the summer of 2009! (Read about day 2 here!) After waking up from a much needed full night of sleep, we got ready for the day and headed down to our hotel’s continental breakfast. We left our hotel and drove… [Read More]

Driving to San Francisco

Hey! The last time I left you, Merry and I were driving through the night on our way to California. As the sky was just barely lightening up around 5 am, we had finally made it into Cali and we were both super exhausted. I had been driving the whole night because Merry’s driving scares… [Read More]