Hollywood, Na Na Na

If you’ve been following along, we are now on day 5 of the road trip Merry and I took in 2009 when we were just 19! After spending an awesome few days in San Francisco, we were ready to keep trekking on. Next up: Hollywood, baby! We got up nice and early, ate a free hotel breakfast, and hit the road! The drive from San Francisco to LA is about six hours. We kept ourselves entertained with our little quiz magazine, loud music, and continuous laughter. Especially when Merry was driving, and she would freak out every time she would see a vehicle with one of those orange lights on it…

S1 copy

“Is that a cop?!!” She would say, as she hits the brakes and slows down from her slightly above the limit speed. I would burst out laughing every single time- because only she would think one of those cars was a cop just because they have a light on them.

We could tell we were getting close to LA by the surroundings and the thickening traffic all around us. We were getting excited!

S2 copy

When we were getting close we called our hotel to check if our room was ready, and it wasn’t- since it was still early afternoon. So, we decided to head straight to the walk of fame. We found a free parking spot that I felt like we would be towed out of (free parking in Hollywood??)- but thankfully we weren’t.

We were so excited practically running from star to star. It didn’t take long for us to realize that we were in the “old Hollywood” section, but we didn’t mind.

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I really like Hollywood, it’s one of those places where there are a million things to do and see when you walk down just one street. I feel like a lot of people think it’s dirty and not enjoyable, but I see the good in most places I visit. We enjoyed ourselves although we didn’t walk down to the newer stars because we wanted to get checked into our hotel.

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I don’t remember the name of the hotel we stayed in, but it was right on Hollywood Blvd. so the location was superb. The hotel, was not. It was just one of those slightly sketchy hotels. It wasn’t terrible, but let me just say that we were glad we would only be spending one night there. When we hauled our stuff into our room, checking out the great view of a huge construction site fully stocked with construction workers right from our window- we put on our swim suits to go make use of our hotel swimming pool. It was a lot warmer in Hollywood than it had been in San Francisco, so it was nice and refreshing to spend a little down time at the pool.

We got all showered and prettied up, and headed out for a night of fun. We drove to the Universal CityWalk, which is a pretty cool place. It’s like an outdoor street area just for walking that has a ton of restaurants, shops, and entertainment options. Here we are having just parked.

S1 (3) copy

Our first stop was the Hard Rock Cafe for dinner. We ordered fun drinks and had a great dinner date!

DSCF2879 copy S4 copyDSCF2885 copy DSCF2880 copy

After, we just walked around looking in at some of the shops. There really is a lot to see. As it started to get dark out, everything lit up which we just loved.

S7 copy S6 (2) copy S5 copyS8 copy

All of a sudden, a free concert started, with this young band called “Starving for Gravity.” Sure, we’d never heard of them, but they were young, the concert was free, so we started dancing and jamming out in the front row! It was definitely random, but we had a blast. We even got a picture with the band after:)

S13 copy

This picture reminds me that we had brought cute heels to wear with our dresses and totally forgot them in the car. We didn’t even realize we’d done this until our night was half over, haha.

We spent a little bit more time walking around after the concert, and found a photo op here and there.

S16 copy S15 copy

It was pretty late by the time we left, so we headed straight back to the hotel to pass out for the night. We had some awesome things planned for the next day, one of which was the highlight of the whole trip for both of us. I can’t wait to tell you all about it! Come back soon!


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