The One with the Friends Couch

If you caught my last post about our first day in Hollywood, you know that I’ve got something awesome to share from our trip in today’s post. The highlight of our trip for both of us. We’ll get there:) We got up early to get the day started- loading up the car yet again. Here we… [Read More]

Hollywood, Na Na Na

If you’ve been following along, we are now on day 5 of the road trip Merry and I took in 2009 when we were just 19! After spending an awesome few days in San Francisco, we were ready to keep trekking on. Next up: Hollywood, baby! We got up nice and early, ate a free… [Read More]

California, here we come.

Alright, so this post isn’t exactly my way of telling you that I’m headed to Cali soon- although I definitely wouldn’t pass up an opportunity to go if it presented itself… But really, this post is an intro to a vacation recap that I’ve debated sharing. Why? Because it was a road trip Merry and… [Read More]

Vacation Bucket List

I love to travel.  When I’m traveling, I am fully aware of how amazing each moment is.  So different from day to day routine, moments I experience while on vacation are cherished because I realize  they are moments I won’t be getting again anytime soon. Today I’m reminiscing about the road trip I took near the end… [Read More]

Out & About: Cafe Audrey

On a recent trip to California, I visited Hollywood for a short time.  While doing my vacation research (looking up places to eat, see, etc) I stumbled across this adorable cafe called Cafe Audrey.  Since I wanted to veer away from the usual Starbucks, which I have all the time, I was excited to find… [Read More]