Goodbye Palm Trees

After spending the night in our hotel near Laguna Beach, we ate our free hotel breakfast and packed up for the long journey out of California. We knew we didn’t want to just drive forever without breaking it up a little bit, so we had planned a stop in Sacramento. From our hotel to Sacramento, it was about a seven hour drive. We found the nearest mall when we got there for a little lunch and retail therapy:) The perfect opportunity to stretch our legs!

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Of course we ended up having the worst time finding our car in the parking garage. We eventually made it back on the road to officially say goodbye to California and to palm trees. It was a little sad.

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From there we had about eight hours and forty minutes of driving to get to the campground we would be staying at on the Oregon coast. (We did this to save money on hotels- like I said this was a super cheap trip for us young girls!) The drive was pretty uneventful, although due to us sleeping in a little and the extra time it took to find our lost car in the parking garage- we were running a little bit behind schedule. I had wanted to get to our campsite in the daylight, but we knew that wasn’t going to happen. We caught the sunset on the way.

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I believe we stayed at Sunset Bay State Park in Coos Bay, Oregon. To be honest, all little towns look creepy to me in the dark- so as we neared the place I was already a little on edge. I just wanted to be off the road! We had prepaid for our campsite online before we had left for our trip, so when we made it we just had to drive around in the dark looking for our campsite number. The place was pretty full, but due to it being so late already it seemed that everyone was already asleep. When we parked in our spot, I didn’t want to get out of the car to set up the little tent we had brought. Hello, it was dark out! Merry, on the other hand was dying of heat inside the car and really wanted to set it up. I begged her to just sleep in the car, and she finally caved. The situation, although not ideal, was absolutely hysterical. I was cracking up at Merry because she would say, “It’s so freakin’ hot in here but I can’t sleep without a blanket!!” That’s a true friend for ya. So, two girls cracking up in a hot little car, trying to get comfortable to sleep because they’re too afraid to set up their tent in the dark. That would be us:)

Be sure to come back to read about the final day of our road trip! Or just come back to see if we survived the night camping in the car;)


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