Beer Bucket Gift & Pink Whipped Cream

Is it Friday yet? I don’t know if it’s the fact that we have a three day weekend coming up, but this week has been dragging on. At least it’s Friday eve! I wanted to share the super fun and easy gift I DIYed for the husband for Valentine’s Day. I’m all about those puns,… [Read More]

Red Velvet Cake Mix Baked Donuts

A couple weeks ago I made red velvet scones using boxed cake mix. I had some left over and knew I would use it for Valentine’s Day baked donuts- yum. They were really really easy, and delicious. For the donuts themselves, I mixed together about 1 1/4 cup cake mix, 1 egg, 1/8 cup oil, and 1/2… [Read More]

Red Velvet Scones

I really love scones. I found this recipe for red velvet scones using cake mix and I was sold. I love making red velvet things, (especially brownies) but sometimes it’s a pain having to buy a bottle of red food coloring just for one dessert recipe. Using a cake mix was the perfect short cut!… [Read More]

Baked Pumpkin Donuts

Hope you lovelies had a wonderful weekend! Husband and I went out for BBQ followed by a movie with friends. We saw Interstellar, which was crazy- definitely kept my interest for not being a movie I would choose. The Cougs won on Saturday and the Seahawks won on Sunday. It was a great weekend, football-wise:)… [Read More]

Orange Bowknots

O.M.G. orange bowknots. Have you ever had ’em? They are delicious. Surprisingly delicious. They taste like a delicious sweet roll, with a hint of orange, topped with an amazing slightly orange-y glaze. Okay, that’s a terrible description which isn’t going to sell these awesome pastries. I swear though, with their sweet taste and dense yet fluffy texture-… [Read More]