Bonobos: Suiting up for Spring Weddings

There’s just something about a man in a suit. Bonobos, a great men’s apparel brand, is launching a new collection of lightweight seersucker and cotton suits- just in time for spring!  Here’s a little glimpse at what the new collection has to offer… Nice, right?  I’ve seriously asked my hubby if we could get married… [Read More]

Vintage Inspired Engagement Photo Shoot

I was going through my engagement pictures this morning, and it occurred to me that I have yet to share them on the blog.  I’m kind of excited about this because it means I get to fall in love with them all over again as I pick a selection to share.  Our wedding photographer offered… [Read More]

Breakfast at Tiffany’s Bridal Shower

Okay you guys… this post is much overdue.  A long time ago, I did a post on my Breakfast at Tiffany’s Bridal Shower, and I really enjoyed sharing the details of the event.  The only thing?  I was a newbie blogger, photographer, and photoshopper.  (Yes, I did just make up the word photoshopper.)  Now, I… [Read More]

Wedding Details: Personalized Wine Bottle Labels

It’s been awhile since I posted wedding details!  I guess it’s because every time I roll out the wedding pictures to look through, I get totally swept away in daydreaming about the special day.  I love looking through the pictures! Today I want to share the personalized wine bottle labels we used.  These were not… [Read More]

Wedding Details: The Dress

I am so excited to be doing this next portion of my wedding details series!  Today I am sharing the dress!  My wedding dress is honestly my favorite detail from my wedding.  I know I haven’t gotten into the details of my wedding decor, but my wedding was vintage-inspired.  I love vintage, antiques, and hearing… [Read More]

Wedding Details: Love is Sweet Candy Bar

Today I want to share a favorite wedding detail from my wedding last June.  I opted for a candy bar in place of individual wedding favors.  I loved the idea right when I saw it, and immediately got to researching the details.  It’s actually a very affordable option- more affordable than any favors I liked…. [Read More]

DIY Photo Album

Today I’m sharing the photo albums I made for my lovely bridesmaids.  In addition to the typical thank you card, I wanted to thank my girls with a photo album filled with pictures from all of the wedding events (bridal shower, bachelorette, rehearsal dinner, and wedding.)  Here’s what I used for the albums: -Four photo… [Read More]

Wedding Details: Shoes

It’s been awhile since my last “Wedding Details” post, and today I’m getting back on track with… shoes!  I had done a lot of online shopping, just trying to narrow down the search, and it was pretty overwhelming.  Lace, solid, peep-toe, pumps… I knew I was going to have to go shopping in person to… [Read More]

Wedding Details: Breakfast at Tiffany’s Inspired Bridal Shower

(Hey all- I’ve updated this post with better quality pictures here!) For my second post in the “Wedding Details” series, I couldn’t help but share my bridal shower.  Thanks to the advice of a creative bridesmaid, I made the decision to have a brunch inspired by one of my favorite movies, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.”  With a lot… [Read More]

Wedding Details: Invitations and Bouquet

Today is the 1st of November, and I am starting a series of posts here and there about my wedding that was in June.  The details of the day were so overwhelming, but so exciting and fun to plan.  There were things that didn’t turn out like I thought they would, and things that turned… [Read More]