Wedding Details: Invitations and Bouquet

Today is the 1st of November, and I am starting a series of posts here and there about my wedding that was in June.  The details of the day were so overwhelming, but so exciting and fun to plan.  There were things that didn’t turn out like I thought they would, and things that turned out better than I could have ever hoped.  For this post I am going to share my invitations and my bouquet, two vital details of the big day.

The invitations were very hard to pick out, mainly because they are so expensive.  Or at least they can be.  $6.99 per invite, when ultimately they are going to be thrown away by the person invited?  No thank you.  I browsed a lot of great websites and found a lot of beautiful invitations, many of which were thoughtfully designed and would go perfectly with my vintage and antique inspired wedding.  But none of them fit the budget.  Invitations were just not something I wanted to spend the extra money on.  The invites I ended up choosing were Brides Ivory Invitations.  It was a little scary purchasing them since I had never seen them in person, but thankfully it worked out.  They were beautiful and very inexpensive.  They are print-yourself, but the huge plus for us was that the company we work for offered for us to use the work printer for our printing, meaning we didn’t have to pay for ink for the 125 invitations!  Here are a couple pictures of our printed invites:

 Photography by Stephanie Fry Photography

My bouquet was exactly what I wanted.  I had always dreamed of a bouquet of all peonies, but due to the seasonality of the beautiful flower, I didn’t think I would ever actually get one.  Two nights before the wedding, one of my bridesmaids and I were at Safeway to pick up a few things.  We happened to walk past the floral department when I saw beautiful pink peonies!  I was shocked. I never knew that Safeway carried them.  On top of it, they were inexpensive, at around $9.99 for six stems.

I was very lucky to have crafty bridesmaids to help me make my bouquet.  (And when I say help, I mean I told them what I wanted and they made it for me.  I’m a lucky girl!)  I knew that I wanted the stems to be wrapped in lace, something I had thought about long before the big day.  I had a solid lace shirt that I had purchased a long time ago and hardly wore.  I ended up setting it aside months before the wedding, knowing that I wouldn’t mind cutting it up for my bouquet.  It worked perfectly.

The last touch I really wanted was a vintage looking brooch to pin to the lace.  This ended up being just as much a “miracle find” as the peonies at Safeway.  On a visit to a local antique shop, I was looking through all of the jewelery cases, knowing I had a specific look in mind.  I ended up finding the perfect one for right around $5.00.  So, all in all, my bouquet was no more than $25.00, and it was my dream bouquet.  Perfection.

 Photography by Stephanie Fry Photography
More wedding details to come!

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