Wedding Details: Personalized Wine Bottle Labels

It’s been awhile since I posted wedding details!  I guess it’s because every time I roll out the wedding pictures to look through, I get totally swept away in daydreaming about the special day.  I love looking through the pictures!

Today I want to share the personalized wine bottle labels we used.  These were not a detail that I planned.  My mom actually ordered a few things from the Oriental Trading web site for my bridal shower, and she stumbled across the wine labels and ordered them.  They come in a pack of 12 for $8.00, and you personalize the names and date.  They have a lot of different color options on their website too.

Here is a link to the pink ones we used.  And here is a closer picture of what ours looked like, complete with our names and wedding date.

Pretty, right?

Now if you’re worried about the quality of these- they were not at all “cheap.”  They stuck really well.  In fact I wouldn’t recommend using them on a bottle unless you wanted them on permanently.  I had saved wine bottles for the wedding, so they worked perfectly.  Plus- I got to keep them as a keepsake afterward, and they are displayed in my home right now.

We put pink carnations in the wine bottles.  Easy and very inexpensive.
I love carnations.
 I adore details.
After all, it’s the little things in life.
Happy Thursday ♥

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