Breakfast at Tiffany’s Bridal Shower

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Okay you guys… this post is much overdue.  A long time ago, I did a post on my Breakfast at Tiffany’s Bridal Shower, and I really enjoyed sharing the details of the event.  The only thing?  I was a newbie blogger, photographer, and photoshopper.  (Yes, I did just make up the word photoshopper.)  Now, I have a new and improved webpage (adios blogspot!) and I am a little better with editing my photos.  I am by no means a pro, or even an intermediate user for that matter.  I just do some tweaks here and there to make it to where I like the picture better.  I’ve also learned that bigger pictures look better on blogs!  This is a tip I didn’t know at the time of my first bridal shower post.  So, with all of that being said, I would like to share some better pictures that hopefully do my Breakfast at Tiffany’s inspired bridal shower a little more justice.  Here we go :)

Decorative Details

The setting:  Outdoors in my Mom’s yard in June.  The weather was perfect, although it did rain (well, more-like sprinkle) briefly.  That was fine with me though- I heard that if it rains at your bridal shower it’s good luck!  We set up a table underneath an outdoor tent, and my sister-in-law made it look stunning.  She made a Tiffany blue table cloth with white runners, so that the table looked like a Tiffany box!  Perfection!  And, the china we used was her shower gift to me!

We used white carnations from Safeway (cheap but beautiful) and pink peonies from Costco.  I had no idea Costco would have peonies, so this was a score!  We also used fake craft diamonds and pearls to scatter on the table.  I had a dainty chandelier we hung in the tent, and we borrowed a stand up chandelier for the center of the table.  The decorations were very simple and I used a lot of things I already had such as glassware and candles.  We added some pink and white balloons too, because they say “celebrate” to me :)

The champagne flutes shown in the pictures were one of the favors.  We spray painted the bottom with chalk paint and wrote  the guest’s name on the bottom to serve as place cards.  We put after dinner mints in the flute as well.  They got to take the glasses home with them.


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Food Details

Food always seems to be a key part of my planned gatherings.  A menu really says a lot about an event!  Since my bridal shower was a brunch, planning the menu was really fun.  I love brunch!  Who doesn’t, though?  Here’s what we had:  Fruit tarts, mini pancake skewers, petit fours, fresh fruit, bacon & egg cups with toast, and frosted cake doughnuts.  We made a doughnut tower which was one of my favorite parts of the brunch.  The cake doughnuts were purchased from a local bakery, which we frosted ourselves with pink frosting and added pink sprinkles.  They were delicious.

The Tiffany blue gift boxes shown below have macarons in them.  They were another of the party favors for guests to take with them.  The flavors we purchased for the event were salted caramel and rose.

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Pink Peony

Beverage Details

One of my favorite parts of the brunch was the mimosa bar!  It turned out even better than I had imagined.  We had lots of champagne, orange juice, tropical V8 Splash, and peach juice for bellinis.  We also had various berries for garnish.  Aside from the mimosa options we had sparkling pink lemonade, bottled water and coffee.

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Fun Details

Okay… maybe “fun details” isn’t the best title to this section, because I think all details are fun.  But, it will do :)

We played four games throughout the shower.  The first was the game where nobody can say the groom’s name, wedding or marry (in any form.)  Each guest was given a pink ribbon to wear upon arrival, which could be stolen from them if they were caught saying one of the words mentioned above.  Whoever had the most ribbons at the end, won a prize.  The next game was the purse game, where one of my bridesmaids compiled a list of items she read off, seeing who had the most items in their purse.  This one is a favorite of mine!

We also played the classic “How well do you know the bride and groom” game.  Lastly, we played the game where you break into teams and create a wedding gown out of toilet paper.  The bride-to-be gets to decide the winner, which was my favorite part :)

IMG_2018 copyIMG_2101 copyGift flowersIMG_2007 copy{The gift table}

Another detail worth mentioning is the bouquet my bridesmaids put together out of the bows, ribbons, wrapping paper and tissue paper from the gifts.  This was a tradition I’m thankful I had my girls for, because I would not have known about it if it weren’t for them!  The bouquet is then used by the bride at the rehearsal dinner.  (So fun!)  Here’s a picture of mine:

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A couple other favorite details were ones that I wore.  My mom bought me a “bride to be” tiara as well as a big bling ring pin.  My maid of honor surprised me with a really adorable sash at the end, which I would wear to my bachelorette party.  Here is a picture of me with my MOH:

IMG_2128 copyHere is a link to my old post.  The pictures are much smaller, but I did go into a little bit more detail about the event if you would like more information.  I hope this can provide inspiration to anyone looking to have a bridal shower brunch!

P.S.  A lot of my inspiration came from Eat Drink Pretty!  Oh my gosh, the bridal shower Jenna hosted for her sister was stunning!  If you haven’t seen it yet, you have to check it out!  Here’s the link!

Happy Sunday all!

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  1. Tiffany Briggs says

    Love this Kayla…. I saw this post and thought OMG, this would be PERFECT idea for my bridal shower in the spring……. As I was reading and looking at your pictures…… I was like….I know that girl!!!! Love love love!!!!! -Tiffany Briggs!!!

    • Oh my gosh, haha, thanks Tiffany! Love it! Congrats by the way:) That is so exciting! It was really fun to put together– definitely check out Eat Drink Pretty’s page too if you are looking for inspiration… it’s where I got a lot of mine!


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