April 2015 Recap

I just adore spring and its loveliness. April was especially lovely this year! Here’s how my month went: Traveled: We only went outside our hometown a couple times this month, so rather than traveling places I was busy planning travel. I’ve got a big road trip coming up in August and then we have a pretty… [Read More]

National Siblings Day

HAPPY FRIDAY! Not only is it Friday- it’s National Siblings Day! I have three brothers. Yep, three. I’m the only one of my siblings and I that doesn’t have a sister. Because, well, I am the sister. And while I’m sure sisters are awesome, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love my brothers. They’re pretty… [Read More]

Weekend Recap

I hope everyone had a great weekend and a wonderful Easter!  We had a really busy weekend, but it was a good busy, full of fun with family and friends! On Friday after work I gave myself an at-home mani with my favorite nail polish.  I lit a candle, put on some music, poured a… [Read More]

Weekend Recap

Hey!  It’s Tuesday, I know.  Whoops.  Things have been crazy busy ’round here and hubby & I ended up making spontaneous plans yesterday- so I didn’t get to write my usual Monday weekend recap post.  What were we spontaneously planning, you ask? We are going on an Alaskan cruise in May.   Random!  Exciting!  I… [Read More]


A year ago, my hubby and I were in Jamaica on our honeymoon. So, since I’m all about finding absolutely any reason to celebrate, I thought it would be fun if we had a “Honeymooniversary” themed around Jamaica and the wonderful time we had there.  Guys, if you’re married and have gone on your honeymoon, I highly… [Read More]

Weekend Recap

Can you believe it’s already April?  Time goes so fast lately.  I’m loving the spring weather though, and we absolutely took advantage of it this past weekend. Friday after work, I had a nice chat with one of my bests, who lives away.  We are famous for playing phone tag with each other, but when… [Read More]