National Siblings Day


Not only is it Friday- it’s National Siblings Day!

I have three brothers. Yep, three. I’m the only one of my siblings and I that doesn’t have a sister. Because, well, I am the sister. And while I’m sure sisters are awesome, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love my brothers. They’re pretty much three of the best people I know. Sure, I missed out on a childhood of tutus, dance recitals, and sharing clothes – but instead I had a pretty great childhood of sneakers, sports, and playing outside in the dirt. Two of my brothers are older, and I wanted to do everything they did. Swim in the creek, play baseball outside, ride bikes down steep hills… I was a total tomboy. (Kinda hard to believe now!)

Hey, how about I introduce you to my brothers in honor of National Siblings Day?

My oldest brother is Jason. He is seven years older than me. Growing up I’m sure I was the “annoying little sister” to him at some point. When he was about twenty and I was thirteen, he surprised me with tickets to my first concert ever. (And multiple other concerts after that.) Jason is a music guru, and while I love music a lot, I can’t quite keep up with the new stuff like he can. It’s crazy! He taught me how to snowboard, and he was the first person I drove with after getting my learner’s permit at 15. He’s super patient, very well spoken, and a genuinely great and caring person.


My middle brother is Joel. He is five years older than me. Despite our age difference, Joel and I were pals growing up. He would humor me by “playing school” with me (yeah guys, seriously, I liked school), he’d take me on big biking adventures, and he would even buy me candy with his paper route money. He was always patient and taught me how to ride a bike and dive at the local swimming pool. He was the one who would be up with me at 5:30 a.m. on Christmas morning. He is also hilarious. He keeps my whole family laughing constantly. He is really friendly, caring, happy, funny, hard-working, and a wonderful dad to his kids.

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My little brother is A.J. He is ten years younger than me. And yes, I will always call him my “little brother” even though he already towers over me at 14 years old! Since A.J. is so much younger than the rest of us, I like to think we all had a hand in raising him. (Not that my mom needed a hand, she’s the BEST mother in the world, no joke. The woman just knows how to raise children, knowwhatimean?) When he was a baby, I would kiss his face and head all over and tell my mom, “He has to be the most kissed baby in the whole world.” So much love has been poured into that kid from the very beginning. And he was the CUTEST baby ever! I’m going to have to share some of his baby pictures on here one day to prove it:) Watching him grow up has been a pure joy. We (all of us in the family) are so proud of him. He’s smart, friendly, kind, super athletic, handsome, and funny. And while I do miss back when his little baby voice called me “Kay-uh” I could not be happier with the young man he’s turning into. (Insert proud big sister face here.)

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So, basically- I really love these brothers of mine. I am beyond blessed.

10458230_10204484196688520_2839549241936606207_nHappy, happy Friday to you! XO

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