Friday Favorites

We made it through another week y’all! (Every time I type that I hear Chandler’s voice saying, “That’s right, I just said y’all!” Gah, love that show…) How was your week? Mine seemed longer than normal, probably due to my Seahawk hangover. So worth it though. My hubs and I had a “Thursday is the new Friday” moment last night while we were out to dinner. I can’t help but feel celebratory when I know the weekend is drawing near.


What’s on your agenda for this weekend? I don’t have much planned, which is welcomed after last weekend which was bus-ay. I’m hoping to hunker down with a hot beverage straight from my Keurig and knock out some life organization. It’s much needed! Plus I’ve got a few football games to watch, and maybe a movie with friends tomorrow. Although I wish I could be back in Seattle for this Sunday’s game, cozied up at home will have to do:)

Here are my favorites from this week!

Favorite Notebook: I adore this little Kate Spade notebook- so darling!


Favorite SNL Moment: I laugh EVERY single time I watch this!! The seriousness on JT’s face throughout the whole thing, I don’t know how he does it. Oh Justin & Jimmy- you two are THE dynamic duo.


Favorite Thanksgiving Idea: I love everything about this. Friends is my favorite TV show, and I just think this is so fun!


Favorite Frenchy: Seriously, what a little cutie.


Favorite Arm Candy: So pretty, right? Too bad it’s a tad over budget…

e7ee871c34acc32b2b7b65eb9bf158d3And with that, weeeeeeeee! It’s the weekend! Later, gators!




  1. Love the notebook :)

    Alana and Kyra

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