My First Seahawks Game!

I told you yesterday I would be sharing some pictures from my first Seahawks game I went to on Sunday, and as promised, here we go!

image5 (1)

The game started at 1:25 in Seattle. Since we stayed in Marysville the night before, we headed to Everett to catch the train that takes you right to the stadium. Convenient right? On our way, we practiced our game faces.


Fierce, I know. The train ride was about 30 minutes or so, thankfully, because I was so excited I could barely contain myself.


When we got off the train, my excitement grew as I was standing outside of CenturyLink Field.


First thing we did when we got inside? ATE. We had to eat before cause we didn’t want to miss any game time! When we found our seats I was thrilled. They were so much closer than I thought they were going to be! My brother told me that there isn’t a bad seat in the stadium, but I was still expecting to feel far away from all the action. Our seats were perfect though. I was pleasantly surprised.

IMG_1764 IMG_1765

I had so much fun scoping out the players.


Hauschka and Jon Ryan, warming up.

And Pete Carroll wouldn’t turn around for me! The nerve! :)


Look at all those Seahawks! Warm up time!

Oh hey, Marshawn! BEAST MODE!


Doug Baldwin- whose jersey my husband wears.

IMG_1783cWhat’s up, Sherman?


And, da da da daaaa- my faaaaavorite…


Russell Wilson! 

I just love him. He is so positive, he handles himself very well in front of the camera, and he’s role-model material. But the main reason I’m so fond of this guy is because he reminds me of my little brother. Weird, right? I’ve always made jokes to my family about how AJ (my little bro) reminds me of Russell Wilson- and that fact just makes me like him even more. How could you not adore someone who reminds you of your little brother?

Anyway- the game was a blast. We stood the whole time- which is ideal in my mind when it comes to watching a sporting event. We clapped, we cheered, and we yelled our hearts out. You could hear the 12th man for miles, I’d imagine. Although the game wasn’t a blowout like I was hoping for, it was still a win that I highly enjoyed watching:)


Oh, and it was super rainy while we were there- but our seats were just barely under the covered portion of the stadium, so we stayed dry the whole time:) Score!

So all in all, the game was AWESOME! I’m already wanting to go to another…


I’ll be watching the game from the comfort of my own home though, this Sunday. Hoping for another win!

Have you guys been to an NFL game before? Did you enjoy it?

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