Maui Birthdaycation: Day 4

Today we’re rolling with my Maui recap, onto day four! Read about day three here.

Date: Friday January 6th
Itinerary: Coffee + sunrise, breakfast at condo, winery tour and wine tasting at Mauiwine, lunch at condo, beach time, sunset cruise, dinner at condo
Whale watching on our sunset cruise!
Favorite eats:
Pork sliders and lots of fresh fruit
Drink of the day: 
Pineapple wine!

Our day four started in true vacation fashion, with coffee and the sunrise. We had breakfast at the condo: eggs over easy, toast, the rest of our road to Hana banana bread and fruit. We headed out around 9:30am and started the drive to upcountry. Maui’s upcountry is SO beautiful! The views are so stunning as you gain major elevation. Our destination was Mauiwine – Maui’s only winery. I fell in love with this place the second we pulled up. It’s so gorgeous, and you can see the stunning blue Pacific in the distance. They offer a free tour at 10:30 – we got to walk the grounds and learn all about the history of the place before it was a winery. I loved hearing about the merry monarch, and how he would sip his champagne while enjoying the view. I really liked how the winery has worked really hard to keep the roots and the history current even in today’s production. They make sparkling wine in honor of the merry monarch’s favorite drink!

After our tour, we did the complimentary wine tasting. You get to taste three wines and I chose the pineapple blanc, rose syrah, and sparkling rose. They were all really good. The tasting room had so many adorable pineapple things, I wanted them all. This was a great experience that I would highly recommend for any wine drinkers. I mean! It’s pineapple wine! The husband and I bought a bottle of the pineapple sparkling wine (really good), and Merry bought a bottle of the pineapple splash wine, which I was not a fan of. WAY too sweet. Oh, and fun side note- I really wanted to try avocado from Maui, and our tour guide had a basket full for each of us to take one! They were huge and delicious.

After wine tasting we went back to the condo and had lunch: sandwiches (with supah fresh avocado!), Maui onion chips, and fruit. We ate outside on our lanai. We spent the rest of our afternoon relaxing on the beach outside our condo until it was time to start getting ready for our sunset cruise.

We did the sunset cruise with live reggae music through the Pacific Whale Foundation. (I love supporting them.) Our cruise included three drinks per person and appetizers (pulled pork sliders, chicken, chips, and fruit). We stayed in the same place for the entire cruise, standing right by the railing relishing the view and WHALE WATCHING! I wish my hands weren’t full and I’d gotten pictures! It was SO amazing! We saw so many, and some were even right next to our boat! There is just something so amazing about being on the open water as the sun is setting, with a cocktail in hand.

After the sun set, the dance floor on the boat filled up quickly. We weren’t planning on dancing,  but the performer started playing some songs we knew and loved, and we ended up dancing our way back into the harbor. :D

When we got back to the condo we made our final condo dinner: grilled chicken, potato/sausage/onion side, and rolls. After dinner, we relaxed and unwound before bed.

Come back soon to check out our next day!



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