Maui Birthdaycation: Day 3

Happy weekend all! I’m so glad it’s the weekend because I’ve been battling a sickness most the week, and I need these couple days to recuperate! Today I’m sharing deets from the third full day of our Maui vacation. If you missed the last day, read about it here!

Date: Thursday January 5th
Itinerary: Coffee + sunrise on the beach, breakfast at condo, rent snorkel gear, get lemonade, Big Beach for the afternoon + picnic lunch, dinner at condo, s’mores night
Relaxing at one of the prettiest beaches, and dying of laughter when Merry had to chase down our rogue umbrella (we didn’t bother with it after that hah!)
Favorite eats:
Fresh pineapple and watermelon, spam musubi, shrimp, and s’mores
Drink of the day:
Strawberry mint lemonade

Our day started with coffee on the beach while the sun came up. Seriously, sitting in the sand with a hot cup of coffee and the beautiful colors of morning twilight is pure perfection. I loved starting most of our days this way.

We had breakfast at the condo: scrambled eggs, some leftover banana bread from the day before, pineapple, and watermelon. After, we got ready for our beach day and headed out!

Our first stop was the Snorkel Store to rent some snorkel gear. They were having a special where gear was two for the price of one, so the hubby and I jumped at the deal! It was a great experience, renting from them. We got fins, snorkel masks, snorkels, defogging solution, and 2 drawstring bags to carry it all in. Plus, a map of all the snorkel spots on the island, which we used to help us find sea turtles. More on that later :D

Then we hopped on over to Wow Wow Hawaiian Lemonade for some lemonade in the cutest mason jars around. You can get lemonade without getting a mason jar, but for just $5 more you can get your lemonade in a mason jar that you get to keep! It makes for such a perfect souvenir – I’ve already been using mine here at home for smoothies and such. Plus, $5 is a steal, I think. I would’ve easily paid more for it. As for lemonades, I got the strawberry mint, made with fresh and local ingredients. It was delicious – not too sweet.

With lemonades in hand, we headed to Big Beach for the day – a really big (obviously haha), beautiful beach with golden sand. We set up camp and relaxed in the sun, reading and enjoying the views.  We got to do a little whale watching here which was awesome! The surf was a little too high for me, but the hubby got in a little. After awhile we had the lunch we had packed in our cooler: turkey/ham, cheese sandwiches with tomato, Maui onion chips, fruit, and water. Love beach picnics!

On our way back to the condo, we stopped at Da Kitchen for some authentic Hawaiian appetizers to go. I really wanted to try spam musubi, so we got an order of that as well as some pork wontons to take back to our condo. Not going to lie, I wasn’t expecting much based on how it looked. The prices were really cheap but the portions were pretty tiny. But, when we all tried them, they were so tasty! I would definitely order both of these again.

The rest of our afternoon was spent hanging out at the beach by our condo. We swam, had beers while relaxing in lounge chairs, and soaked up the rest of the afternoon sun. For dinner at the condo that night, we had shrimp, a potato/sausage/onion side dish, and Hawaiian sweet rolls. (I’ll share more details on our menu/ recipes later!)

After dinner, we went to s’mores night put on by the condo. We sat out, ate s’more by the fire and chatted with people from all over. The highlight was definitely a little girl asking if Merry and I were twins. (We were both wearing jean jackets haha – so sweet!) Later we headed back to the condo for the night, cracking up at snapchat filters and watching Big Bang Theory before bed.

 Next up, day four! Come back to read all about it :)



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