Maui Birthdaycation: Day 5

If you didn’t catch day 4 of my Maui recap, check it out here.

Date: Saturday January 7th
Itinerary: Coffee + sunrise, breakfast at condo, Maui Swap Meet, beach time + picnic at Baldwin Beach, swimming/ boogie boarding at condo, football + mimosas, happy hour at the Mill House, sunrise at condo
Going for a walk after dinner and ending up in Stars Hollow :D
Favorite eats:
Malasada, pesto pizza, and gnocchi
Drink of the day: 
A coconut!

Another day, another sunrise with coffee. Ahhh, vacation life. :) We had breakfast at the condo: scrambled eggs mixed with leftover potato/sausage/onion from dinner the night before, rolls, and fruit. Oh, and mimosas with POG juice! Yummmm.

Our first stop of the day was the Maui Swap Meet in Kahului. Admission is 50 cents, and that gets you in to a TON of vendors. Their are food stands, drinks stands, souvenir stands – you name it! If souvenirs are high on your list of priorities, and you’re on Maui on a Saturday – I highly recommend checking this place out. Great deals and lots of great local vendors to support. Merry ended up getting most of her souvenirs here. I was on the hunt for a vendor that made pineapple rings that I saw on Instagram, but alas – I never found them. Instead, I walked away with a bag of Hawaiian flavored salt water taffy, because I can never resist salt water taffy. It’s a weakness. I also hit up the Mauisada booth to try a malasada. I ordered the plain thinking that the custard filling would be plain, but instead that just meant no filling. Shoot. Oh well, it was still good. I also bought a drinking coconut from a really nice guy with a machete, cutting them open right in front of you and sticking a neon straw inside before handing it over. It was really cool. Although, it didn’t taste like coconut at all to me! Is this normal?? After we were done drinking it, we took it back and he opened it up for us so we could eat the meat inside. This also didn’t taste like coconut to me so I didn’t finish it… but the experience was worth it nonetheless :)

Next we headed to Baldwin Beach in Paia for some relaxing time and photo ops! Since it was Seahawk game day, the husband was wearing his Doug Baldwin jersey, so I figured it’d be fun to get some pictures of him at Baldwin Beach! (I love how it turned out.) I was really glad we went here, it was gorgeous. I loved the views and the color of the water. The waves were big though. We ate our packed picnic lunch on the beach.

From here we went back and swam at the condo a bit before getting ready for dinner. The ocean outside our condo was always calm, and always perfect for swimming – even when the other beaches we went to that day had huge waves. Merry attempted boogie boarding which gave us all a good laugh. Get it girl! Husband also watched play-off football in our condo. Merry and I watched too drank mimosas.

For dinner we went to the Mill House for happy hour. This restaurant sits on a huge tropical plantation and it is SO COOL. There is so much to see, roosters roaming free,  ducks swimming in ponds, and the prettiest lush mountain backdrop ever. We each ordered a HH drink and perused the menu. The husband ordered a burger and Merry and I ordered a pesto pizza with tomato and fried kale and an order of gnocchi, both from the happy hour menu. YUM. Now, this is a farm to table kind of place that has a menu using lots of ingredients that I’m not entirely sure I’ve tried and/or heard of. But everything was SO good. So much better than I was expecting. The pizza was amazing – I was eating the kale off the top like it was my favorite kind of chips, and the gnocchi was so rich and flavorful. Win. Plus, since we came for happy hour, our meal with drinks wasn’t even that expensive. Double win.

We felt the need to walk off some of the calories so we wandered the grounds after dinner, taking in the view. We stumbled across the cutest gazebo and felt like we had walked right into Stars Hollow. I swear I thought Kirk was going to be by any minute offering us a lift in his pedi-cab…

When we got back to our condo, Merry and I snagged a picture with our Maui wines since we were dressed up and we loved the labels. We caught the rest of the Seahawks game and relaxed for the rest of the night. (Thankfully they won – otherwise that would’ve been a big birthdaycation downer!) Merry and I snuck away during football and had a glass of wine outside for the last bit of sunlight. Have I mentioned before how much I love golden hour?

 Come back soon to read about our next day!


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