Simple Fall Decorating: Shepherd Hooks & Pumpkins

Halloween is almost here, and the chilly fall weather is already here.  I’ve been seeing so many great ideas going around on how to decorate for fall.  My favorite that I’ve seen so far is using shepherd hooks to hang pumpkins along a walkway.  I just recently got married in June and had purchased a bunch of shepherd hooks to decorate the aisle, so I thought reusing them for seasonal decorating was genius!  I also had a ton of twine leftover from the wedding too, which meant all I had to purchase were the pumpkins.  If you’d like to make something similar for your front yard, here’s all you need:

  • Scissors
  • Shepherd hooks (I used four, but the amount is really up to you)
  • Twine
  • Pumpkins (I used four again that I got from Safeway for a little over a dollar each!  I loved the variation in colors I found)

The process was quite simple.  I put the hooks into the ground, evenly spacing them along my driveway.  I then cut the twine, guessing the length I would need.  I wrapped the twine around the stem, making sure to secure it with knots before doing the same thing to the shepherd hook.  Once the pumpkin was securely connected to the hook, I took leftover twine and tied a bow around the stem of the pumpkin because, well, I love bows.  Here’s how they turned out:

I love the simplicity of them, and that they work for both Halloween and Thanksgiving.  I plan on doing them every year now!

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