Super Bowl XLIX

Seahawks- you fought a good fight! While some people took the loss a little harder than others, cough– my husband- cough (I love you, Marty!) – it was still a great game that kept us on the edge of our seats up until the very end. We put on our jerseys, got our koozies and headed over to… [Read More]

My First Seahawks Game!

I told you yesterday I would be sharing some pictures from my first Seahawks game I went to on Sunday, and as promised, here we go! The game started at 1:25 in Seattle. Since we stayed in Marysville the night before, we headed to Everett to catch the train that takes you right to the… [Read More]

Hello Football Season!

Happy Thursday! I’m super happy right now for lots of reasons! 1. It’s Friday eve! Tomorrow is Friday, and I’m so stoked for the weekend! 2. I get to see my best fraaaaand tomorrow! I’ll be off to visit her after work! 3. The SEAHAWKS first game of the season is tonight! Pre-season actually, but… [Read More]