Holidays 2020

So, I’ve always said that in our household, the holidays start October 19th on Milly’s birthday, and last until January 10th (my birthday). Welp – now they start September 26th on Ava’s birthday! Sorry husband, you with your July birthday… ;)

So of course, Ava was born September 26th, about 3 weeks early. Started my maternity leave a little earlier than planned, but we were so excited for our little love to join the party!

We went to the pumpkin patch when Ava was just one week. (This blows my mind lol. She was really only a week?!!) It was so sweet, picking out pumpkins, picking apples, tasting cider, and getting some sweet treats including mini cider and pumpkin doughnuts.

I love October so much. There is always so much fun to be had. We made cupcakes, picked out pumpkins out of our garden, had coffee/ cocoa dates outside, carved pumpkins, and of course had festive jammies on repeat. The bootiful onesie that Ava is wearing was one of my favorites of Milly’s!

Milly turned 3 on the 19th and we celebrated her with a sundae funday birthday party. I’ll share this more in a separate post. :)

For Halloween, I put together a little goodie bag hunt for Milly since there was no trick or treating. She dressed in her unicorn costume for it and after we sat outside by the fire and had spooky mimosas and snacks. It was so nice out! Late, we dressed up as firefighters and Dalmatians and husband and I went to our friends annual Halloween party. The following weekend I celebrated my besties 30th in Leavenworth.

We had a little pre-thanksgiving weekend at the lake which was so sweet. Ava turned two months on actual thanksgiving – so crazy to think what next thanksgiving with her will be like!

I did an advent calendar with Milly this year – a different activity every day. It was SO FUN. Being on maternity leave was a big help in allowing me to make it extra special. Christmas was pure magic – Ava’s first and of course Milly is so much fun to celebrate holidays with at this age. I love Christmas Eve night, getting all the details in place – and then the magic of the morning. I got Milly a dollhouse and it was definitely the toy of the year. She loves it so much, just like I remember loving the dollhouse I got for Christmas when I was a little girl.

New Year’s Eve was spent at the lake – I’m hoping a new annual tradition for us. We had such a great long weekend with some very close friends. I did a little NYE countdown for Milly and it was pure mayhem. I’ll probably try again next year for both girls. :)

Aaaand that leaves my birthday – my 31st! I had a small girls weekend at the lake full of laughs. We played games, had pizza, made blackberry Moscow mules, did masks and had mimosas, walked by the lake, had a fire + charcuterie, and of course had cake! I drove home on my actual birthday so I got to spend it with my sweet little fam.

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