Milly lately

Right now our sweet girl is days away from being 17 months, which means her half birthday is right around the corner!! I kind of miss having a monthly recap of how she’s doing, especially since she does so many cute things that she’s learning all the time, and that I don’t want to forget! So here’s a little bit about Milly lately!

Size: at her last appointment she was about 20 pounds, or just under. She’s in the 20th percentile for height and weight, a bit petite!

Wears: 12-18 & 18 months

Eats: pretty much everything! She hasn’t quite mastered the spoon yet, but loves to try. Mostly she eats finger foods herself, or we feed her. (Sometimes she’s too independent to let us though haha.) She loves fruit, and eats a lot of bananas, strawberries, pears, apples, and mandarin oranges. The one thing she flat spits out is apple juice though! So this girl is basically milk in the morning/night and water all day. She LOVES snacks (or nananaaaas, as she calls them) and will ask for them all day long.

Says: she’s the sweetest little talker!! She blows my mind with what she understands when we talk to her – such a little smarty! She babbles a lot, but the top words we understand from her are nananaaaas (snacks), mama, dada, dog dog, uh oh, updoww (this means up, down, and open), tay-cow (thank you), night night, no, and yuh-youuu (love you, my personal fave, and she usually yells it which makes it all the better!)

Loves: her doggies (chasing them around the house, feeding them, laying on them), her mama, dada & grandparents, coloring/ drawing, dancing/music, snacks, laughing, learning new things – too many things to name!

Fun: it’s no surprise that she is the funnest little thing. She dances, and has just started swaying her hips from side to side. I think she will definitely be a little girl who loves playing dress up because if she ever sees anything that should be worn (socks, shoes, hats, coats) she will bring it to us and ask for it on. She is such a good little colorer and drawer! Her fine motor skills amaze me! And as much as she has us read to her, I think it’s the sweetest thing when she’s off in a corner reading to herself, a giant book laying across her lap. (Sometimes upside down, hehe.) Also, when I’m doing stuff in the kitchen she has to be involved. Last month I was making muffins so I set her on the counter and she watched as I put everything in the bowl and mixed it up. I’m dreaming of the day she can help me bake so this little moment was so special to me! For someone who is a very busy little girl, she had no problems sitting completely still on the counter for me. (Of course I was right there, a lot of the time I kept my arms around her while I poured and mixed.)

Milestones: she went potty in the big toilet for the first time the other day! We put her on it everyday, but her actually going was such a big milestone!

Looking forward to: warm weather! I can’t wait to get her back into the water, and I also really want to take her to the beach so she can play in the sand. Also just playing in the back yard will be so nice.

LOVE THIS GIRL!!! major heart eyes

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