Emilia – 9 Months

Oh hey! It’s been a minute, hasn’t it? My last post was in July, and now it’s December, our baby girl is ONE, and life is as busy as ever! ;)

I still can’t believe we have a one year old. Let’s just jump right back in where we left off, shall we? 9 months old!! This was the month she said mama and dada. She was still army crawling to get around, but was super close to getting the traditional crawl down. At this age she had mastered eating with her hands and was all about snacks! (Still is!) We took her on her first big trip – a road trip to Denver – and it was awesome! She did great in the car, and had lots of fun hanging out in hotel pools. She’s definitely a water babe! I made festive pancakes for her first 4th of July which she loved. We loved summer days letting her splash around in her little pool in the backyard. So fun!

See you soon, for 10 months!

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