First Father’s Day (& Mother’s Day)

Happy FIRST Father’s Day to the best husband and the best daddy to Milly!

Just look at that itty bitty baby!

Today is all about our favorite guy! We have a few things up our sleeve to celebrate him, and it’s all starting with this morning. I’m downstairs with our noisy, early-rising baby, while he is upstairs sleeping¬†in. Thank goodness for coffee!

I realized that I never shared about Mother’s Day, which is simply unacceptable because it was my first Mother’s Day! We had coffee in the sunshine (in a new mug my bestie surprised me with), we went to brunch at a great local spot with some of my family, and then we had a BBQ in the evening with some more family. Marty & Milly got me some goodies, but my favorite part was the card that he traced her hand print into. So very sweet.

Have a lovely day!

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