Wenatchee Festival of Trees

Happy December 1st!! Let all the Christmas festivities commence!

If you’re anything like us, you don’t wait for December 1st to roll around before getting into the holiday spirit. My halls were decked before Thanksgiving. I always do it the weekend before, so when Thanksgiving is over it’s done and I can enjoy it rather than dragging all the stuff out. Towards the end of November, our town held the annual festival of trees which is always pretty awesome. I used to volunteer at it each year in high school, but hadn’t been back since. I figured having a baby was the perfect excuse to go again!

While there are lots of events held throughout the festival weekend, the trees are also open to free public viewing, which is what we did. I broke out my Solly wrap, loaded up the babe, and off we went! The trees were amaaazing – I love seeing all the local establishments that come together and donate. We had a few small trees we were thinking of bidding on in the silent auction, but ended up going for a basket donated by Wenatchee Valley Brewing Co, our favorite local brewery. (Which we won!)

Now let’s talk about the Solly wrap for a minute, shall we? I LOVE THIS THING! I was a little apprehensive about a wrap or baby carrier at first, as I didn’t think I was going to be a fan of wearing my child – but ended up getting the Solly wrap because I liked the way it looks the best. It looks more like a piece of chic clothing and less like a baby backpack. Reading the directions for the first time was a little overwhelming, but putting it on one time is all you need, and you’ll have it down pat. I’m happy to say I adore wearing my little babe snuggled so close, and having my hands free! I highly recommend the Solly wrap!


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