Christmas Activities Advent Calendar: Week 4

This is the last week of our Christmas Activities advent calendar!  (Saturday- Wednesday)  As our calendar got closer and closer to Christmas, we got busier and busier.  My husband grew up attending multiple Christmases due to an extensive family (he still has all of his grandparents, the lucky guy!), while I grew up attending one.  It’s taken some getting used to, making it around to see everyone during the busy holiday season, but it truly is a blessing.  I’m so thankful to be considered a part of the family.  (I didn’t grow up with grandparents around, so now I get to share with the husband!)  So, here we go with the final week of our advent calendar.

Day 21 || Find the perfect ornaments togetherphoto (7)cThis is a tradition I look forward to every Holiday season!  We got these adorable doughnut ornaments at Kris Kringl, which is the Christmas store in Leavenworth that is open year round.  This is usually where we go to get our yearly ornaments, and since we spent the weekend in Leavenwoth, this year was no different.  I love these!

Day 22 || Celebrate with two family Christmasesef81fed26b9911e3ac98124189afe772_8Sunday was spent celebrating with two sets of grandparents.  We watched the Seahawks play football, exchanged gifts, and ate lots of good food.  It was wonderful!

Day 23 || Wrapping party + caramel hot chocolate

 I love wrapping gifts.  This was a great Christmas Eve Eve night of hot chocolate, Christmas music, and wrapping presents.

Day 24 || Do stockings together4169a1f86d2211e3bb6112e6fabfaf81_8My hubby and I haven’t done “gifts” the past two years, we just do stockings with a budget.  It’s fun trying to get creative and stay within the budget.  This is a picture of my goodies.  I’m obsessed, my hubby did good!

Day 25 || Celebrate Christmas with loved ones448cba7a6dca11e3b8cd1227d7fa1b14_8What’s better than Christmas with the family?  Christmas with the family and the best friend!  We had a blessed day.

This has been such a wonderful and blessed Holiday season.  I enjoyed every minute of it.  I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

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