Christmas Activities Advent Calendar: Week 3

As promised, here is week 3 of our Christmas activities advent calendar!

Day 14 || Treat yourself while Christmas shopping

On Saturday the 14th we took a trip to Seattle to do some Christmas shopping, so I couldn’t help but including this in our advent calendar.  I mean, I am a girl after all.  I ended up getting some goodies at Victoria’s Secret.

Day 15 || Make Christmas cards for each otheredff670c660811e3a42a12bd1ba02a9b_8I had fun with this.  These homemade gems are much better than any you can find in the store!  We decorated cards for each other, wrote mushy sentiments inside and then gave them to each other when we were finished.

Day 16 || Watch Charlie Brown Christmasc0fcf11066db11e3963412236e9ee816_8The Charlie Brown Christmas special is too adorable not to watch at Christmas time.  Plus, it’s a great way to hear what Christmas is all about :)

Day 17 || Hot chocolate + Christmas music + drive around and look at lightseff991c0679a11e3a75c120cbd337ba5_8This is my favorite Christmas date!  I love driving around and looking at Christmas lights, it’s so relaxed and sweet.  I would have loved to do it every night if my hubby would have let me :)

Day 18 || Bake a festive treat5b110cea687211e3a7950e1d51678712_8These cookies were delicious!

Day 19 || Watch White Christmas69dfde54693511e3828f12d505f2f3bb_8This was a cozy Thursday night, snuggling with the pups and watching White Christmas, an old Christmas movie starring Bing Crosby.  I had never seen it before, and wanted to because I love those old crooners.  Glad I added it to our calendar!

Day 20 || Visit our very own little Christmas townIMG_7024 copyThis is Leavenworth, WA, a town we live very close to.   The town is themed to be a Bavarian village, and in December they host the Christmas lighting festival.  All of the shops and trees are decked in beautiful Christmas lights that get turned on all at once during the lighting.  Pictures never do it justice, but it is so  magical.

And that wraps up week three of our activities advent calendar!

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