Christmas Activities Advent Calendar | Week 2

Hey all, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!  It has been such a busy season for us,  which is why it has been so long since my last post.  But, I’ve enjoyed every minute of it!  Okay, so I know Christmas is over now, but I’m still going to go ahead and finish out my Christmas Activities Advent Calendar posts.  (Better late than never, right?)  I loved doing this calendar this Christmas season, and I’m already planning on doing it again next year!  Let’s dive right into what we did for week 2.  (Saturday to Friday)

photo (6)cHere’s the calendar for those of you who missed the post from week 1!

December 7 || Go ice skating8be2638c5fbc11e395940e879ebfa486_8I hadn’t gone ice skating in a few years, so this had to go on the list.  We have a local ice rink that is open year round.  We went with another couple and had a fun Saturday night!

Day 8 || Do a Christmas craftIMG_6905cI did a post on decorating pine cones a couple weeks ago.  (Check it out here!)  This was a fun (and free!) little project to do on a Sunday afternoon.  After church, we went to a local park to go hunting for pine cones- and then when we got home I got out all of our paints, puff paints, ribbons, etc and we started decorating.  I used our creations as simple Christmas decorations when we were finished.

Day 9 || White Christmas date night

The 9th of every month is typically a date night for us, so we decided we would theme it.  We made dinner at home, set the table with lots of pretty whites including lots of white tea lights, and we sipped on white wine.  It was really nice, and the perfect theme considering we didn’t actually get a white Christmas this year.  Where’s our snow?!

Day 10 || The Holiday + Christmas fettuccine604445c0620911e3b61312bc1afe7834_8I adore this movie.  I made us a delicious dinner of Christmas fettuccine to eat while we watched, to match what they eat on Christmas in the movie.

Day 11 || Make “gingerbread” Christmas treesa725b93e62df11e3af9d125892e7acd6_8The gingerbread is in quotation marks because these aren’t actually gingerbread.  They are sugar cones!  I saw the idea on Pinterest to decorate ice cream cones and make trees instead of a gingerbread house because, let’s face it- gingerbread houses are just plain hard!  I mean, am I the only one who can’t keep one of those things standing?  These were so fun, and all we had to buy beforehand were the cones.  I whipped up a simple butter cream frosting, and we already had a variety of sprinkles and m&ms!

Day 12 || Spiked hot chocolate + Love Actuallyspiked hot choc love actuallyAnother great Christmas movie I had to throw into the mix!  We cozied up with a blanket and had spiked hot chocolate while we watched.  (Hot chocolate + peppermint schnapps + mini marshmallows)  P.S. Isn’t this mug adorable?  A gift picked out by my 8 year old nephew!  He has such great taste already :)

Day 13 || Decorate Christmas cookies with the family

This is a family tradition I always looked forward to as a little girl: decorating sugar cookies for Christmas.  Now I get to see my niece and nephews enjoy it just like I did.  It’s so funny to see them act just like I remember I used to…  the difficulty of not licking your fingers when frosting got on them… the thoughtfulness of always wanting to decorate a cookie for loved ones (auntie Kayla, this one’s for you!)… and the pure joy of finally getting to eat one when all the decorating is done.  This was such a fun night.

So, this was week 2, from Saturday to Friday.  Week 3 will follow soon!

Wishing you all a lovely Saturday!

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