Spring so far

I’m really loving spring lately, especially with the weather warming up. And REALLY especially with the nausea mostly gone. Hallelujah.

I figured I’d just recap spring so far, since the my first trimester kept me pretty absent on the blog. :)

Here’s a snap of me fighting nausea with one of my furry sidekicks and some pregnancy-approved wine. AKA, grapes ;)

We had friends over for St. Patrick’s Day, and while I didn’t get to partake in green beer, I made taco salads (because salads have green hah) and a mint ice cream pie. It was really good! I followed this recipe, although I didn’t make the ice cream from scratch. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

The next day we had two parties to attend: Marty’s grandpa’s birthday party, and a gender reveal party for a friend of mine. (Who is having a boy!)

Later in March I attended a Posh party which was so much fun! We did facials and tested out lots of yummy smelling products. I loved everything, and ended up leaving with a moisturizer.

Early in April we met my auntie in Tri-Cities for breakfast to tell her our news! I love her so much, and know my babe is going to adore her just like I do.

Also in April, my nephew puppy started having real trouble breathing. At almost 13 years old, my brother and sister-in-law had to make the decision to end his suffering. We all found a bit of time in the week that we could go over and say goodbye to him, loving on him as much as possible. We all brought him a cheeseburger from McDonald’s, which totally made his day. I still tear up thinking about it – I loved this dog so much. He was always so happy to see us, even when he got older and excitement was hard on his body. My brother got him when I was 14, and he was honestly the first dog I’ve ever been super close to. Even 50 more years wouldn’t have been enough to have this sweet boy around. Love you forever, Halo, my nephew puppy.

On a happier note, the same week we said goodbye to Halo we went to our first ultrasound. I was 11 weeks and 1 day, and the ultrasound confirmed that I was measuring right on track. Halloween is still our due date! It was so crazy seeing our little babe wiggling around – I can’t wait to be able to feel those movements!

We celebrated my nephew’s 12th birthday at the bowling alley – so fun.

Easter was great – one of my favorite holidays. Mornings were still not kind to me, so I didn’t get to make it to church, BUT, my church has started doing live broadcasting which is so awesome! I got to tune in and watch the service from home, including worship which meant I got to jam out while eating my breakfast! We went to my mom’s house where she so sweetly had a present for baby W along with all the baskets for the grandkids. (Baby W’s first present!) Sophie the giraffe – a perfect baby gift! Our lunch was perfect – my mom’s delicious scalloped potatoes (which I got to dig into first, #pregnancywin), BBQ’d shrimp, grilled veggie skewers, corn on the cob, deviled eggs, rolls, and I’m sure more that I can’t remember. I’m hungry now.

Watching one of my niece’s soccer games was so adorable, and the perfect excuse to get out and get some fresh air.

Appleblossom is such a beautiful time of year. I swoon over all the blooms. My family went to the food fair the first weekend of Appleblossom festival. My huckleberry ice cream cone was amaaaazing.

I plan to do a post on our gender reveal photo shoot next! Stay tuned to find out if baby W is a boy or girl!


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