Thanksgiving Recap

Happy Saturday all!  I hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving full of friends, family, fun and food!  My Thanksgiving was wonderful.  My morning started by heading to my mom’s to help her with some of the cooking while sneaking glimpses of the parade here and there.  As the rest of the family arrived, the house quickly turned into a zoo.  (But, hey!  Zoos are fun!)  My hubby and I took a short drive to go see some of his family for a little while.  His sister made some delicious sangria, which we sipped while laughing and reminiscing about the energetic little rascal my hubby used to be.  We headed back to my mom’s just in time to gather around the table, hand-in-hand and say grace.  Rather than one person saying the blessing, we went around the circle so we could each thank the Lord.  Then it was time to EAT!  After snacking all day (why do I do this year after year??) I wasn’t all that hungry, but managed to make a small plate anyway.  The perfect way to relax after Thanksgiving dinner?  A huge family game of Pictionary on the Wii!  Boys vs. girls!  I think we were able to laugh off some of the calories from our meal. :)  Other highlights from the day were coloring pictures of what we are thankful for with my niece and nephew, a competitive game of ping-pong with my three brothers, and picking out a charity as a family for our pooled donation this year.

photo (1)cI had a yellow cake in the freezer, so I whipped up a chocolate frosting, my mom brought over a bag of M&Ms and we turned it into a turkey cake!  Easy and fun!

photocWhat were your Thanksgiving highlights this year?

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