Thanksgiving Inspirations

Thanksgiving is this week, hooray!  I love Thanksgiving.  Friends, family, fun and FOOD.  I’m constantly thankful for my life and everyone in it, so having a holiday to celebrate that thankfulness is perfection.  I’ve compiled this list of ten things that are inspiring my Thanksgiving this year.  Enjoy!

  1. Add frozen cranberries to champagne to keep it cold and to add an adorable festive touch.  I love putting fresh fruit in mimosas, and using frozen fruit to keep champagne cold is pure genius.76_087095d3051a0f978
  2. Pumpkins aren’t just for Halloween!  I adore this gold-painted pumpkin from the Glitter Guide’s website.  You can check out their elegant DIY Thanksgiving tablescape by clicking on the picture below.  {So much Thanksgiving inspiration!}43981af4389acd9ab2e2c37e42e882bc
  3. These chalkboard printables from Nest of Posies are so lovely!  So glad I stumbled across them– thank you Pinterest!  Definitely planning to print one this week… {P.S. There are beautiful Christmas ones too.}Count-Your-Blessings-Chalkboard-Printable
  4. This pumpkin spice latte bark from The Kitchen Prep Blog looks too good to be true!  What a unique way to incorporate the flavors of the season.  (Plus, I’m pretty much game for latte anything…)  Might be a new Thanksgiving treat to try!  IMG_0489
  5. Last year my family and I simply went around the room sharing what we were thankful for one at a time.  I like the idea of writing it down, and you could even make a game out of it, guessing who said what.9399e7f5acaef9d672f6adb049dc4d91
  6. One word.  FRIENDS.  And I don’t mean my pals, although they inspire me too.  No, I’m talking about good old Friends, the TV show.  (The BEST TV show, I might add.)  This year I plan on watching at least a few of the Friends Thanksgiving episodes.  (I own all 10 seasons.)  The Thanksgiving episodes are some of the best ones!284fdabbeb0bc7aaba7ebfbebee4e65a
  7. Here is what’s inspiring me for Thanksgiving fashion… I’m thinking warm and cozy.  Love the plaid!420x350
  8. I love the idea of having a cheese plate for a delicious Thanksgiving appetizer.  This one looks delicious!e953d11db0618d80f5abe3c8da9d01e2
  9. A signature cocktail is always fun for large gatherings, and this apple cider sangria looks amazing!  cider-sangria-3
  10. I’m feeling excited for a relaxed Thanksgiving morning.  These homemade pumpkin spice lattes sound like the perfect start to the day.


Happy Thanksgiving week all!  I hope it’s filled with friends, family and lots of reasons to be thankful.  What’s inspiring you this Thanksgiving?

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