It’s Beginning to Look…

A lot like Christmas!!

Hi! How was your Thanksgiving? Mine was wonderful- I just love that holiday. On Thanksgiving Eve, I stayed the night with my mom to help her with some of the preparations. Thanksgiving morning started bright and early, and after staying up so late the night before I was super tired. Coffee did just the trick! I was happy we were able to catch some of the parade while sipping mimosas before the boys demanded we turn it to football. When everyone arrived, we laid out all the goods and got to dishing up! The Seahawks played on Thanksgiving as well, and (thankfully) they won.

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I had to work the day after Thanksgiving, so I didn’t head out for any Black Friday shopping. Instead I came home after work and continued decorating for Christmas. I’d already started, but we had to get new lights for our tree at Costco so I got to decorate the tree finally. We tell ourselves every year that when Christmas is over and everything is on sale, we’ll go find a new tree. This one has been around for years and years and has definitely seen better days. Oh well, twinkle lights make everything better in my opinion!

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Saturday we met up with one of my good friends from way back when and her husband for breakfast. It was so nice to catch up! After that we ventured out to do a little shopping. I think I snagged some pretty good deals. Oh, and a vanilla latte, naturally.

image6 copy

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The remainder of my weekend, for the most part was spent eating leftovers and cozying up by the tree to do some online shopping, blogging, and planning for 2015.


All in all, this weekend has been wonderful. I have a feeling December is going to be a good month.

Did you do any shopping this weekend?

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