Apple Blossom Festivities

Happy weekend!  Wow, things have been busy around here.  I really thought April was as busy as it gets, but May is looking like it’s going to be even busier.  And it’s only the 3rd.

The end of April and the beginning of May means Apple Blossom Festival in my local valley. The festival consists of events, parades, food fairs and carnivals lasting from the last weekend in April through the first weekend in May.

You always  know the festival is near, because all around the orchards become stunning.  The blossoms are just lovely.  See for yourself.

IMG_7571ccopy IMG_7572 copy IMG_7568ccopy

Gorgeous, right?  (p.s. these are actually pear trees- still beautiful!)  As lovely as the orchards are during this time, they don’t stay in bloom for long.  It seems like you’re swooning over the flowering orchards all around at one moment, and then you blink and they’re gone.  Because of this, I think it’s perfect that we have an Apple Blossom Festival to celebrate this beautiful time of Spring.

Last weekend was the youth parade, or the “kiddy parade” as I know it.  I don’t usually go to any of the Apple Blossom parades, but I had to go this year to see my nephews, niece and my little brother – who were all in it.  I went with my parents, who treated me to a coffee at a local coffee shop right by the parade route.  The parade itself was adorable, filled with kids of all ages.  Here are some snapshots:

IMG_7641c IMG_7647c IMG_7630

For about a week and a half, we have a carnival and a food fair set up in town.  The food fair has always been my Apple Blossom highlight.  Greasy food, sugary sweets… I love it. Although there are so many different options, I usually end up getting the same things every year. They need to have, like, a “food fair sampler” that has teeny portions of multiple food booths so I can broaden my horizons. (Did I just come up with a million dollar idea??)  On Thursday we ventured out for dinner, dessert and live music.  We went with some friends and family. Here are some pictures from our foodie adventures:

IMG_7668crc IMG_7670cIMG_7673c IMG_7674c IMG_7675c IMG_7681 copysm copy

Shishkaberries are my absolute favorite.  I get the “Hallie Berry” every year, which is milk and white chocolate covered strawberries.  So delicious!

IMG_7687 copy IMG_7689cIMG_7693cc

What are your food fair faves?

If you want to learn more about our local Apple Blossom Festival, visit the website here.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!


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